Most Expensive Race Horses of All Time – Who Are They?

    If you are a fan of horse racing, you will understand why these steeds are so valuable.

    Racehorses are one of the most valuable horses in the world and exchange hands for crazy amounts of money. But who are the most expensive racehorses of all time? Let’s find out:

    Fusaichi Pegasus ($70 million): The legend of the horse racing village. It has beaten every opponent in 75 races.

    Shareef Dancer ($40 million): An American horse. It was declared Britain’s best middle-distance horse in1983.

    The Green Monkey ($16 million): A thoroughbred racehorse carrying the blood of Northern Dancer, the most successful racehorse of the 20th century.

    DeFiHorse Ultra Rare Poseidon: A never-seen-before NFT racehorse with incredible appearance and power, one of the rarest in Metaverse. Keep your eyes on the hunt for Poseidon because it might be the next revolution of horse racing.

    Owning a legendary steed is not only a great pride but also the inheritance of historical values and the power of eternal victory. Are you ready to be the next champion?

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