My Defi Pet – A to Z Guide for Beginners - My Defi Pet is another virtual pet collecting play-2-earn NFT game, beside popular Axie Infinity.

    What is “My DeFi Pet”?

    My DeFi Pet is a play-2-earn virtual pet game that runs on the blockchain. It combines DeFi, collectibles and your personality. The game revolves around three main characteristics:

    • “My” is for personalization
    • “DeFi” for the game’s vision of bringing decentralized finance to its players
    • “Pet” stands for virtual pets that you collect and level up in the game

    In My DeFi Pet, players can:

    • Collect virtual pets
    • Breed pets to produce offspring
    • Evolve and level up these pets by feeding them with farm crops
    • Battle monsters with other players
    • Trade collectibles on the marketplace

    My DeFi Pet is very similar to other play-to-earn blockchain based games such as Axie Infinity, but its gameplay is also very reminiscent of games like Pokemon and Farmville.

    How to Start Playing My DeFi Pet?

    DPET token is the main in-game currency of My DeFi Pet and it is required to start playing the game. Here are the steps on how to obtain DPET and start playing My DeFi Pet:

    Step 1: Create a MetaMask wallet

    Step 2: Create a Binance account to buy BNB tokens

    Step 3: Purchase BNB tokens

    Step 4: Transfer BNB tokens to your MetaMask wallet

    Step 5: Swap BNB for DPET tokens in PancakeSwap

    Step 6: Go to My DeFi Pet website and connect your MetaMask wallet

    Once you’ve successfully transferred DPET tokens to your MetaMask wallet, you can create a My DeFi Pet account on the game’s website and start playing! You will need to buy at least 1 Pet which costs 3 DPET tokens. You can check the current price of DPET tokens.

    The game doesn’t require any applications to be installed. You can simply play the game right from the browser on any device, whether on a desktop computer or on mobile.

    How to Earn Money from My DeFi Pet?

    Here are 3 ways players will be able to earn money by playing My DeFi Pet:

    1. By earning DPET tokens and selling them to the market

    The most basic way of earning money in My DeFi Pet is by farming DPET tokens and selling them to the exchange for money. DPET is the game’s medium of exchange that runs the whole My DeFi Pet ecosystem. Players will be rewarded with DPET tokens for playing the game such as doing daily missions and evolving pets. As the game’s main in-game currency, DPET token will provide a win-win economic incentive for players who will continue playing the game and contributing to its economy.

    2. By trading Pets on the auction

    Once the Pet marketplace goes live, players will be able to buy and sell their Pets to/from other players. Pets with higher stats, levels or rarity will be very valuable and you can definitely earn a lot if you are good at raising and evolving your pets.

    Those who started collecting and raising rare and powerful pets early, even without play-to-earn mechanics yet, will soon be harvesting the fruits of their hardwork!

    3. By winning Season Rewards

    The last method to earn money in My DeFi Pet is by earning season rewards—and it is not for the faint of heart! According to the game’s whitepaper, My DeFi Pet “uses the concept of Season to break down the game progress into smaller parts. This mechanism complements our human tendency for short term rewards.”

    The locking-in, distribution and claiming of these rewards are all done with smart contracts.

    Currently, the proposed reward pool is worth $100,000 in USD Tether tokens. To win the Season Rewards, players are required to have 10 Legendary rarity pets with maxed out levels.


    As with other play-to-earn cryptocurrency games, only invest what you can afford to lose!

    Reference: Leveldash

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