Mystic Treasure – Potential to become a Learn-to-Earn E-sport of blockchain - Developed by Spider Moon Studio, Mystic Treasure is an intellectual NFT game designed to simulate the fascinating experience of treasure hunting.

    In 2021, Axie Infinity of Sky Mavis made a blockbuster to become a unicorn in the blockchain world. Therefore, following the path of Axie, various game studios have launched their own products with a great desire for money. However, most of them hit the blockage at role-playing (RPG, MMORPG), turn-base, and card battles. Players are supposed to have an abundance of choices however, it is too boring in terms of content.

    Too many blockchain games launching in 2021

    So Mystic Treasure of Spider Moon is considered to be a new star because of its 2D cartoon graphic, focusing on puzzle solving and treasure hunting. The path they chose is different from the rest of the market which is now focusing on Learn to Earn

    Trailer Mystic Treasure

    Learn to Earn started as a Binance program enabling users to earn crypto while learning about important topics across the blockchain industry. Therefore, Mystic Treasure is the first NFT game to lay a cornerstone on this trend.  Players are immersed into a fictional character in the world of Mystic Treasure. They have to solve 10 quizzes involving almost all fields of knowledge such as arts, culture, geography, mathematics, etc.  When completed, players are directed to treasure locations and obtain valuable items or materials to upgrade their homes and equipment.

    Mystic Treasure requires players to find treasures through exciting questionnaires

    The game also allows players to challenge each other through different game modes such as 1-versus-1, 1-versus-100, and World Arena. To be rewarded, citizens of Mystic Treasure need to correct all the answers in time. Those who are outstanding will be awarded and honored with invaluable in-game gifts.

    The challenge features a promising future to turn Mystic Treasure into an esport game

    Mystic Treasure aspires to become a leading blockchain Learn-to-Earn project regarding puzzle solving as well as the potential to become an esport game that enables players around the world to participate and earn effortlessly. Explore more about Mystic Treasure at:

    Some of the in-game images:

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