Nike Buys More Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domains for $35K

    Nike’s web3 arm, RTFKT now owns 10 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains after purchasing “dotswoosh.eth” for 19.72 ETH.

    Nike’s reason for buying the “dotswoosh.eth” remains unclear. However, some users pointed out on Twitter that NIKE may have plans to use this domain to issue ENS subdomains in the future. The ENS subdomains are controlled by the main domain owners.

    For example, Nike would allow owners of specific NFTs or other assets to register an ENS subdomain under “dotwoosh.eth”, such as cryptory.dotswoosh.eth. “Swoosh” is the iconic Nike logo created by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971 and was paid for $35. Till now, the company has not changed the Swoosh logo even a little bit.

    Beside dotwoosh.eth, RTFKT also owns many other ENS domains like artifacts.eth, rtfkt.eth, skinvial.eth, drmos.eth, mintvial.eth, dreamos.eth, spacedrip.eth, dripcoin.eth and m2tekno.eth.

    RTFKT owns 10 ENS domain names (Source: OpenSea)

    ENS expansion is considered to be part of a NIKE ambition to step into the NFT and metaverse area. The domain mintvial.eth can be a reference derivation to NFT CloneX Mint Vials, which can be burned to create an NFT avatar from RTFKT’s popular CloneX collection. Space Drip could be the bridge to NFT Nike’s Space Drip, which are digital shoes that can be created based on a real-life version. RTFKT’s Skin Vial is also an NFT that can be burned to change the look of the RTFKT CryptoKicks collection, which was released last month.

    NFT CloneX Mint Vial Collection. (Source: OpenSea)
    NFT Space Drip Forging Collection (Source: OpenSea)

    Regardless of its plans for “dotwoosh.eth”, Nike has a track record of buying and trademarking a wide range of affiliated names and logos, which is really impressive. 

    Last year, Nike filed seven different trademark applications for its NFTs as well as the metaverse under its company name, “Just Do It” slogan and Swoosh logo. Nike has also made efforts to squash any unofficially licensed Web3 assets, suing StockX for selling unauthorized Nike sneaker images as NFTs. All of which have shown how determined NIKE is to get deeper into the blockchain field.

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