Normal Debit Card vs Crypto Debit Card – What is the difference?

    What advantages does a crypto debit card have that a regular debit card doesn't?

    Because of the nature of the crypto industry, every transaction is highly volatile. This makes real world retailers worry about the exchange rate. To address these issues, people are coming up with new solutions and one of them is crypto debit cards.

    What are crypto debit cards?

    Crypto debit cards are similar to regular banking debit cards in concept. They allow users to complete real life transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto coins. A big difference between a crypto debit card and a normal debit card is that a crypto debit card can convert the crypto you want to spend into fiat currency.

    What are the advantages of a crypto debit card?

    1. Acceptance of physical debit card itself

    One of the greatest benefits of using crypto debit cards is that users don’t have to worry about whether the physical card will be accepted by a merchant or not. Crypto debit cards can automatically converts crypto currency into fiat currency.

    2. Exchange rates

    When moving to another geographic region or country, users often have to convert their money into the local currency. The problem is that they will face very high exchange rates. But with crypto debit cards, crypto coins act as a bridge to other fiat currencies, saving your money spent on conversion.

    3. Everything is synchronized

    It is just over a decade since bitcoin was first introduced. Now we live in a world where crypto is growing explosively and the fact that you can use a bitcoin/cryptocurrency connected debit card today is amazing. Therefore, a bridge between conventional currency and crypto currency is certainly an extremely useful tool in our society.

    This will help you connect and synchronize with everything around you, contributing to building a true metaverse.

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