Number of LUNC Holders Rises 500% in Less Than 1 Month - After the collapse of Terra (LUNA) and its revival in the form of LUNA 2.0, Terra Classic is still attracting a lot of interest from crypto traders.

    According to CoinMarketCap data, Terra Classic is the second most searched keyword on the website as of June 7th. The data has also shown that there were 10,266 holders of LUNC, up 525.21% in less than a month.

    Despite such a large number of LUNC holders, the price of this cryptocurrency continues to plunge. At the time of writing, Terra Classic is trading at $0.0007129, down about 15% over the past 24 hours. An influx of new holders to the now-old network – Terra Classic (LUNC).proved that there are still many investors who believe in the future of LUNC. Maybe they still believe that one day, LUNC will be “to the moon”.

    Whatsmore, LUNA 2.0 also had a bad start, its price dropped dramatically by 74% after just one day of listing. However, amid the global crypto market crash, that is understandable. Some analysts said that the token’s lack of a clear intrinsic value is one of the factors contributing to its volatility.

    With the serious consequences that the LUNA-UST collapse has left, many people still put their trust in LUNC in the hope of recovering losses while others turn to algorithmic stablecoins to find shelter.

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