Reverse Pattern, Divergent Triangle on Bitcoin Chart, Grow Soon - A popular trader on predicted that Bitcoin price could hit a new ATH in January 2022.

    Here is the prediction of a trader with over 24k followers on

    BTC now drawing a divergent triangle and he can push price to new ATH. If this pattern creates in at least local uptrend more chances that price will continue to grow.
    End of this pattern is wave E and after that price go in previous main direction (in our case – UP)
    In left part of a chart I draw for you divergence triangle pattern example.
    And you can see that we have lover lows LL and higher highs HH
    That meant after last wave in triangle E we can see strong upward movement.
    But the trader doesn’t exclude scenario when price can make relow and test level 54000 and after this show strong recovery.

    So, at this moment he still long and thinks that BTC will make new ATH this yeah or maximum in January.

    DISCLAIMER: The article is predictive, not calling for investment. Every decision is yours to decide

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