Say Hello to the Brand New SubWallet - As a comprehensive non-custodial wallet solution for the Polkadot, Substrate and Ethereum ecosystems, SubWallet empowers the next blockchain revolution as a one-stop-shop for the multichain.

    The Polkadot Multichain Problem

    It goes without saying that Polkadot has one of the most advanced technologies in the blockchain world as a leader in the multichain revolution. However, the multichain infrastructure is too complicated for users to navigate, especially when a developer tool like Polkadot.{js} does not qualify to be a user-friendly gateway to onboard new users into the ecosystem. This presents a crucial need for a user-centric wallet solution for Polkadot to reach mass adoption.

    The SubWallet Solution

    Enter SubWallet. Since the first line of code in November 2021, SubWallet has always focused on improving our UI and UX with a mission of onboarding and retaining users in the Polkadot ecosystem. After more than a year with many alpha and beta versions, we are proud to announce the official launch of both SubWallet Browser Extension and SubWallet Mobile App!

    Read on to find out what you can do with the new SubWallet.

    Explore The Multichain

    At the time of writing, SubWallet has offered support for 150+ networks with 380+ tokens in the Polkadot, Substrate and Ethereum ecosystems. In addition, you can now use SubWallet to connect to 70+ DApps on both Substrate and EVM networks.

    By constantly adding support for networks both inside and outside of the Polkadot ecosystem, SubWallet is effectively expanding the reach of Polkadot and connecting it with networks and user bases in the larger Substrate and Ethereum ecosystems.

    Display, Send & Receive Assets

    As asset management is one of the most used features in SubWallet, our team has put lots of effort into streamlining the process. With 380+ supported tokens including stablecoins such as USDT and USDC, you can easily conduct single-chain and cross-chain transfers alike without having to understand complicated Polkadot concepts like XCM. If you want to conduct a transaction on a network that has not been turned on yet, the wallet automatically issues a pop-up notice asking you to turn the network on. No more hassle jumping to other screens.

    Additionally, you are no longer kept hostage in the transaction processing screen — as soon as the request is sent, you are free to make another transaction. All transaction statuses can be readily found in the Transaction history tab. For your convenience, we add an Address book feature where you can save accounts you frequently interact with.

    If you want to receive assets, simply click the receive buttons and choose the assets of your choice. The same goes with buying tokens from fiat — it only takes 2 clicks to take you to our on-ramp providers.

    In terms of NFT management, the new SubWallet version displays more information about your NFTs, including name, description, properties, owner and network. Two Send buttons are available on the same screen so you can choose whichever suits you most.

    Enjoy The Asset-Centric Approach

    Compared to the traditional financial market, portfolio management in Web3 is much more complicated due to extreme volatility. Even though multichain is Polkadot’s competitive advantage, it also poses a huge challenge for users in terms of asset management. The new version of SubWallet radically solves this problem.

    All assets are listed on the main screen and automatically grouped by common asset name. For example, DOT token on different chains such as xcDOT on Moonbeam and LDOT on Acala are grouped into DOT. A Manage tokens tab is available on the main screen where you can easily turn on, turn off, add and delete your tokens.

    Your balance is foremost with a 24-hour portfolio change percentage right next to it. And the best part of it? We move the account list to the home screen’s header so that you can monitor multiple accounts with no effort.

    Manage Multiple Seed Phrases With Only One Master Password

    A seed phrase is the most important key to access Web3 assets, yet current wallets (including MetaMask) only allow managing one seed phrase per one wallet. Accounts created from one seed phrase are derivative accounts and are all controlled by that seed phrase. This is similar to putting all your eggs in one basket — once your seed phrase is leaked, all your assets are lost.

    With SubWallet, this problem is completely solved when you can create and import an unlimited number of accounts with different seed phrases into one wallet. This allows you to practice risk management by dividing assets into different accounts, so that if one seed phrase is compromised the other remain safe.

    Moreoever, with master password, asset monitoring is now more convenient and easier than ever. When your wallet is unlocked, the transaction signing process is less time-consuming because you no longer have to re-enter your password for each signature.

    Managing multiple seed phrases with a master password not only keeps your asset safe but also speeds up your transaction process!

    Experience The Smooth UX & Sleek UI

    You might have noticed by now, but in case you miss it: the new SubWallet is better organized with a modern look and intuitive navigation. The highlights of this UX/UI revamp include:

    • Methodically and efficiently structured screens
    • More highly contrasted design with minimalist icons and buttons and squircle logos
    • Friendly and clean interface

    Stake To Earn Effortlessly

    Staking is our most frequently asked topic, so we know your pain points. In this version, we display necessary information to help you optimize your staking rewards. For both direct nominators and nomination pool members, you can see right on the staking screen Estimated earnings (with inflation) together with Minimum active, the threshold to start receiving staking rewards, and adjust your stake accordingly. Information about validators/collators/DApps and pools are sufficient for you to make an informed decision.

    Now, with the full staking options available in-app, you can do everything-staking without having to use the staking dashboards.

    Track Your Crowdloan Activities

    Crowdloan and auction are two unique features of the Polkadot ecosystem that enable the community to contribute DOT or KSM to a project in their auction for a parachain slot and receive the project’s native token in return. With SubWallet, you can view your crowdloan contributions as well as the status of your project’s auction (win, fail and active) on the Crowdloan tab.

    Experience Web3 DApps

    As mentioned above, SubWallet has integrated 70+ DApps on both Substrate and EVM networks, meaning that you can log in and navigate these DApps without friction using SubWallet. We are in constant contact with DApp teams to keep up with their updates and ensure the performance so that you can enjoy the smoothest experience.

    Import From Polkadot.{js} & MetaMask

    SubWallet is built on top of Polkadot.{js} and compatible with MetaMask. If you already created your Substrate account on Polkadot.{js} and/or your EVM account on MetaMask, you can easily import them into SubWallet using your seed phrase, private key (for MetaMask accounts) or JSON file (for Polkadot.{js} account). What is more, in case you install both MetaMask and SubWallet on your browser, SubWallet will prioritize MetaMask extension pop-up when you use a DApp. We go this extra mile to guard you from the annoyance of having too many pop-up wallets.

    Boost Security With Cold Wallet

    Security is a necessity when it comes to Web3 assets. At SubWallet, we place top priority on security by supporting cold wallets since the very early days.

    The list contains Polkadot Vault (previously Parity QR-Signer), Ledger and Keystone. With Polkadot Vault, you can turn your old smartphone into a fully air-gapped wallet with a few simple steps. For more details, see here.

    Sync Desktop & Mobile Wallets

    We save the best for last! With SubWallet extension and mobile app having a consistent UX & UI, you can now import your accounts via QR code within seconds and enjoy hassle-free asset management whether you are on PC or mobile. Make transfers on the go and it automatically syncs on your extension, how cool is that?

    The Next Step: Empowering The Next Blockchain Revolution

    Of course, the journey does not stop here. We will continue to listen to feedback from our community and partners to add new features and further improve user experience. The vision of SubWallet is to become Web3 multiverse gateway through which users can enjoy multichain services with utmost ease and absolute security.

    With SubWallet, multichain does not have to mean multi-tools. Start being part of the next blockchain revolution today with millions of users around the globe. Start with SubWallet.

    About SubWallet

    SubWallet is the comprehensive non-custodial wallet solution for Polkadot, Substrate & Ethereum ecosystems. With the mission of bringing users closer to Web3, we envision a Web3 multiverse gateway through which users can enjoy multichain services with utmost ease and absolute security. Connecting and using blockchain-based applications is smoother than ever with SubWallet Browser Extension & SubWallet Mobile App.

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