Slime Royale Announces Partnership with AceStarter Launchpad

    Slime Royale, one of the most potential NFT games in 2022, has officially become a partner of AceStarter Launchpad.

    The gaming industry is now taking an incredible evolution. Since the “Play-to-Earn” model exploded in Vietnam and around the world, we’ve seen a lot of potential NFT projects with unique gameplay and story revealed. However, for a project to get a successful start and long-term growth, partnering with a reputable launchpad plays an extremely important role.

    Understanding that, the Slime Royale development team, with their in-depth vision, soon chose AceStarter Launchpad as a reliable partner that is expected to help the project achieve many breakthroughs in the future. With an enormous tech ecosystem and huge resources in the crypto space, AceStarter Launchpad has all things to ensure any project’s success in the metaverse universe.

    About Slime Royale


    Slime Royale is considered a true free Play-to-Earn game where players can play this game completely for free while still earning profits by finishing in-game tasks. With eye-catching 3D graphics and attractive gameplay, Slime Royale promises to bring a lot of exciting experiences for players such as collecting and breeding Slimes, creating Slime squads and then sending them to fights, renting Slime to earn extra income, etc. 

    Slime Royale will only release a hard cap of 10,000 NFT Slime, thereby creating a healthy playground where players can nurture and grow NFT slimes to exchange with each other. This is also a way to create balance and limit inflation in the game.

    About AceStarter


    AceStarter’s top priority is to bring the community healthy projects with huge growth potential in the crypto market. Slime Royale is proud to be one of the first projects which has undergone rigorous review of AceStarter. AceStarter hopes to become a bridge connecting Slime Royale – a potential blockchain project in 2022 – to investors. In this way, the community will not only have fun, but also earn substantial profits by playing Slime Royale.

    To celebrate this partnership, Slime Royale launched a special Airdrop event for the AceStarter community. Many special rewards like rare Slimes are waiting for all participants.

    Join Airdrop event, please click:

    With a long-term vision along with a trusted partner like AceStarter, Slime Royale is expected to achieve many achievements in the crypto world. Update latest Slime Royale news at:

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