Slime Royale Announces to Receive Investment From GoGame – Thanks to Having an Unique Business Model

    Slime Royale - an emerging NFT game project has won over hundreds of candidates to receive investment from GoGame thanks to the innovative application of blockchain in creating a business model like no other.

    1. Slime Royale Announced the Investment from GoGame.

    Slime Royale has officially announced the investment from goGame, a Singapore-headquartered mobile game publisher with presence in several Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan. Although the crypto market is undergoing a difficult period, Slime Royale still won over hundreds of candidates and received a generous investment from goGame.

    CEO & Founder of goGame, Mr. David Ng speaks highly of Slime Royale and shared their reasons of investing in Slime Royale: “We strongly believe in Slime Royale team’s ability to create fun and high-quality games and we are particularly impressed by Slime Royale’s ability to create a robust game economy management system that aims to balance and maintain the coin value for a longer period of time, which is not seen in other live games in the market so far. Having a successful launch during INO phases is proof that the team is committed to what they set out to do – creating a game that players would want to continue playing for a long time even after ROI is achieved.”

    Mr. David Ng further shared his thoughts on NFT games: “We recognise that the rising NFT games is not just an unstoppable trend and also a natural and sensible development in the gaming world. It makes sense that players who spend a substantial amount of time and money in games be rewarded with ownership of in-game assets and be able to monetise their time and effort invested in games. This is a win-win situation for both game developers and players, where developers focus on creating high-quality games to suit the players’ needs and motivated players benefit by earning digital assets of real value through playing games.”

    Slime Royale – An NFT Game project with a different business model has received an investment from GoGame.

    According to the updates from Slime Royale, GoGame’s investment will be used in helping them create a game that not only adds value to gaming but also brings profits to players with a stable revenue-sharing model.

    2. Slime Royale – Applying Blockchain to Bring a Different Business Model

    Many studies show that game studios currently have to deduct a great part of their revenue for the advertising platforms and payment services of Google / Meta and Apple:

    • 30% of the revenue will go to Apple and Google for payment services
    • 50% of the revenue is used for Google Ads and Facebook Ads to attract new users. 

    Thus, the total cost those game studios have to spend on Google, Meta and Apple can take up nearly 80% of their revenue. The unfairness of this system is blatant when developers have no choice but to follow this unfavorable policy. If a studio uses other external payment methods, their games will be removed immediately from Google and Apple platforms. That means the more successful a project becomes, the bigger the revenue for Google, Apple, and Meta.

    To break the monopoly of Apple / Google and Meta, Slime Royale will integrate blockchain into their products and creating an innovative business model:

    • Create new payment methods with blockchain technology. In this way, Slime Royale will no longer have to deduct 30% of their revenue to spend on Google, Meta, or Apple. Instead, Slime Royale will pay to the players, who are making a real contribution to maintain the payment gateway.
    • Implement affiliate programs and reward the community wit h Slime Royale’s tokens. This new approach to user acquisition will help Slime Royale avoid overspending on Meta and Google’s advertising system.

    In short, instead of paying up to 80% of revenue to Apple, Google, Meta: Slime Royale will apply blockchain to reward those who help maintain the payment gateway and develop the community.

    “While Facebook Ads, Google Ads, App Store, and Google Play are making billions of dollars each month, there are still unemployed and low-income people out there whom even a small sum of money can make a difference in their lives. Therefore, instead of paying for advertising platforms, and game publishing portals, with blockchain, we can share 60-80% of the revenue earned from selling in-game items to the community – who helps us expand the player base and maintain the payment gateway. If Slime Royale can actualize this idea, a new business model will be created to break the monopoly of advertising platforms, game publisher portals and open up more earning opportunities for many people” A representative of the Slime Royale shared more about his vision with a unique blockchain-based business model.

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