Slime Royale – Free Play and Earn Game with Great Growth Potential Like Axie Infinity

    Considered to be the next Axie Infinity, Slime Royale is not only inheriting but also upgrading good points of the forerunner.

    The booming of the crypto market in recent years has opened a new door to NFT projects. A series of play-to-earn games with tempting promises have been announced, making it difficult for investors as well as players to pick the possible choice. In that context, AceStarter Launchpad was born to solve these problems. The launchpad aims at helping NFT projects easily approach customers and allowing investors to follow the most potential games.

    Operated by a professional team with many years of experience in game development and technology, AceStarter has extremely strict standards when introducing a new project to the community. Only a few games can undergo rigorous reviews of AceStarter and Slime Royale is so proud to be one of them. 

    Inspired by Axie Infinity, a top-notch Vietnamese NFT game, Slime Royale can be considered the next Axie Infinity since it gained useful experiences, both good and bad, from the forerunner. 


    Here are 3 standout advantages that make Slime Royale the top option for any investor: 

    1. Real game – Real opportunities

    Scam projects are definitely nightmares for investors. Therefore, determining whether a project is a scam or not is very important. Slime Royale will reassure investors when it has been approved by AceStarter, and at the same time become a strategic partner of Appota, one of the leading game publishers and entertainment ecosystems in Vietnam.

    Appota currently has over 55 million users, mainly in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, so Slime Royale can completely reach out to both domestic and foreign communities.

    2. Great growth potential like Axie Infinity 

    Although Slime Royale gets inspiration from Axie Infinity, it is not only inheriting but also upgrading good points to create more outstanding advantages:

    – Eye-catching 3D graphics and adorable characters that are elaborated from plot, skills to appearance. The game’s main characters are the Slimes, who are very famous in manga and light novels, thereby creating a familiar feeling for players.

    – Fascinating gameplay, allowing players to challenge their skills with full control in battles. The game requires players to invest both time and mind to become the winner, not just pay-to-win.

    – Free play and earn game. A major challenge NFT games face is grappling with the entrance barriers, including Axie Infinity. Slime Royale, meanwhile, is a true free play and earn game with Free Slime. Players just need to have enough skill and luck to earn profits without any entry fees. In this way, Slime Royale can build a sustainable economic system with diverse types of players, from free to play, play to earn to pay for fun.

    3. Attract Players With Huge Airdrop Events 


    Missed out on Axie Infinity a few years ago? Don’t be sad as Slime Royale is here to soothe your heart. The game is in its Preparation phase and a series of airdrop events will be launched in Q1’2022. That is a great chance for players to get Purity Slimes (similar to Origin Axie of Axie Infinity) and other attractive prizes.

    Recently, Slime Royale launched a special Airdrop to celebrate the partnership with AceStarter – one of the top NFT Game Launchpad in Vietnam. You can find more information and participate in this event here:

    Every detail on Slime Royale and AceStarter can be found through these links: 

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