Slime Royale to Launch Super Rare Chests on AceStarter – Whitelist Is Now Open!

    AceStarter, a new launchpad with huge potential in 2022, is pleased to announce it will soon release Slime Royale’s super rare chests and the Whitelist is now open!

    2022 is an extremely promising year for the crypto space with the launch of countless potential projects. And, when it comes to the most prominent projects of 2022, it would be a big mistake without mentioning AceStarter – a new launchpad proudly built by an experienced development team and excellent advisors from tech industry. The first milestone that marks AceStarter’s success is officially becoming a strategic partner of LaunchZone, one of the most renowned and influential DeFi ecosystems in the crypto market today.

    With a mission to help new NFT games achieve success, AceStarter is delighted to announce that it will soon release INO of Slime Royale, the game with great growth potential like Axie Infinity. The Whitelist is now open and by getting whitelisted, players will have the opportunity to buy Purity Slime, which is considered the rarest and most profitable NFT Slimes in the game.

    With Breeding ability, rare Slimes can create baby Slimes that are then traded on the marketplace for profits. That way, Purity Slime is the first Slime to offer this feature in the early stages, giving players the first chance to earn money. Moreover, if a Purity Slime is in “free” state, players can even rent it without worrying about how to breed or trade it.

    That’s why the launch of INO and getting Whitelisted on AceStarter is a great chance for players to make profits while enjoying Slime Royale in the near future. Join in this event, please visit:

    Whitelist Guide:

    • Step 2: Choose “Connect Wallet“. Click “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner of your screen
    • Step 3: Choose type of wallet you prefer

    (AceStarter currently support diversified type of wallet)

    • Step 4: Signing into AceStarter to verify your wallet ownership
    • Step 5: Choose “Investment Deals” then “IGO Deals” to join in Slime Royales Chest INO
    • Step 6: Access “Slime Royales Chest INO” through running banner or Slime Royales Page below:
    • Step 7: Register Whitelist
    • Step 8: Fill in the required information
    • Step 9: Congratulations! You will receive a notification regarding the successful whitelist registration

    AceStarter Official Social Channel:

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