Solana Unveils Web3 Mobile Phone “Saga” - Solana’s web3-focused Android mobile phone, Saga, is expected to be released in 2023.

    At a recent event in New York, Solana Labs has unveiled Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), a framework that provides tools for developing games and apps and games on Android devices. The company also revealed Saga, a flagship Android smartphone focused on Web3 which will be pre-installed with this framework. Saga is expected to launch in early 2023 for $1,000.

    Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs stated that the team has been developing SMS  and Saga for about five months. “What does it look like with 1 billion people using [crypto]? What do you imagine? It’s in this device – the device you use everyday. That has to be your hardware wallet. That’s just something that we always felt”, he said.

    According to Yakovenko, he decided to produce Saga once he met Jason Keats, founder at OSOM Products. Keats used to be the head of R&D at Essential, a startup that made its own Android phone. OSOM previously announced OSOM OV1, and now it will be rebranded as the Solana Saga. This device features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a 6.67” OLED display, 12GB RAM, and 512GB of internal storage.

    Yakovenko believes that a new device specifically for the Solana ecosystem will help exploit the full potential of Web3 and showcase the full array of capabilities of the Solana Mobile Stack. While other Android devices can use the full Solana Mobile Stack, Solana Saga will give users and developers a complete experience with top-tier specs.

    About iPhone and iOS ecosystem, Yakovenko said some SMS features are not limited to Android and can work with other mobile and PC platforms, but Apple’s ecosystem may limit how smoothly Solana mobile apps can work on iOS devices.

    Pre-orders for Saga require a $100 fully refundable deposit. Those who pre-order will be prioritized for developers in order to test the Solana Mobile Stack and Saga and may be eligible to receive a Saga Pass, an NFT that comes with the first wave of Saga devices and the first ticket to influence the direction of the SMS platform.

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