Space Crypto Game – Join Staking Program to Earn NFT

    Space Crypto's new event is on air with a lot of attractive rewards!

    Staking is a gift from Space Crypto team to enthusiastic $SPG holders before the game to release on February 7th, 2022. 

    The team increased the APR up to 81% (the highest APR they ever have) for this staking event. With such a high APR, you will have more possibilities to earn super rare rewards. 

    Staking $SPGDayRewardsAPR
    350151 Box69.52%
    3000151 Rare81.11%
    5000151 Super Rare80.79%
    APR and staking benefits

    Details on staking event

    1. Time

    Keep in mind that there are only limited slots daily. First come, first served. If you’re late, you will lose your chance. 

    • Event Start: 3 PM UTC January 16th, 2022
    • Event End: 3 PM UTC January 25th, 2022

    2. About staking 

    – There are 3 staking packages. If you have 8350, you can stake the package 5000 to earn super rare and stake 3000 to earn rare, and stake 350 to earn 1 box:

    • 350 $SPG in 15 days gifting 1 Genesis Box (1000 slots daily)
    • 3000 $SPG in 15 days gifting 1 Rare NFT (100 slots daily)
    • 5000 $SPG in 15 days gifting 1 Super Rare NFT (10 slots daily)

    – Each wallet address cannot stake the same package twice

    – Staking the package 350 for 15 days means: You will put 350 SPG in a staking contract for 15 days and after that, you can withdraw your 350 SPG and earn 1 Genesis Box.

    – At 3 PM UTC each day, the available slots will be reset. If you miss this time, you will have to come back the next day. 

    – You can withdraw your token at any time but in turn, there aren’t rewards for you. When you stake again, the clock will start counting at 0.

    – After staking enough time, the claim button will appear and you will be able to get back your SPG + earn 1 NFT.

    For more guidelines, read this topic:

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