Space Crypto Sales on Onus Launchpad – How to Buy SPG Token?

    ONUS team announces Space Crypto token officially opens for sale on their Launchpad.

    Space Crypto is an NFT battleship game of Space Metaverse ecosystem. In the game, players will be immersed in a tremendous outer space, become brave guardians, and fight against the conspiracies of the evil bosses. With a Free-to-Play model, vivid graphics, innovative earning system, this project promises to bring one of the most incredible realistic exploration experiences in NFT gaming ecosystem. 

    Recently, Space Crypto proudly announced their new strategic backer and investor, ONUS. Especially, after receiving an overwhelming “Yes” (97.09%) in ONUS appraisal voting event, Space Crypto will officially open for sale on this Launchpad.

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    Space Crypto makes partnership with ONUS

    For this event, Space Crypto team provided us following details: 

    1. About SPG Token:

    • Name: Space Crypto Token
    • Ticker: SPG
    • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SPG
    • Launchpad Hard Cap: 2,000,000 SPG
    • Platform: Binance Smart Chain
    • Standard: BEP20

    2. About SPG Token Sale: 

    • Launchpad Hard Cap: 2,000,000 SPG
    • Public Sale Token Price: 1 SPG = 0.025 USDT (users will buy with ONUS at the exchange rate at the time of token allocation)
    • Token Sale Format: Deposit ONUS at ONUS Launchpad. SPG will be distributed evenly based on the amount of ONUS submitted to buy.
    • Subscription Period: From 03:00 AM UTC December 22nd.
    • Allocation Period: From 01:00 PM December 22nd.
    • Token Distribution: From 05:00 PM UTC December 22nd.
    • Conditions: all ONUS users with a VIP 2 account (completed KYC Advanced).

    3. Features will be unlocked after the SPG Allocation period

    • SPG/USDT exchange feature:  04:00 PM UTC December 22nd.
    • On-chain/Off-chain transactions: 04:00 PM UTC December 22nd

    4. How to buy SPG on ONUS? 

    Firstly, you have to create an account on ONUS via:

    To finish this step, all you need to do is provide your email address, your name, and password. Then access your mail, confirm your account by clicking on a link ONUS sent to you. 

    Once ONUS account is available, let’s move up to 4 important phases of SPG Launchpad: 

    Phase 1: Determine buy options

    The maximum buy options are determined by the amount of ONUS Lock and the number of ONUS in ONUS Shares before the subscription time. Submitted options will be recorded by the system before 3:00 AM UTC on December 22nd.

    Phase 2: Subscription

    The ONUS Subscription period is from 3:00 AM UTC to 1:00 PM UTC on December 22nd. 

    ONUS you submitted will be loaded into the Launchpad Pool of SPG and will be locked temporarily until the allocation end.

    Phase 3: Token Allocation

    After the subscription ends, ONUS will calculate your SPG allocation. You will be allocated an amount of SPG equivalent to the ONUS rate you deposited in the SPG Launchpad pool. Therefore, you may indeed buy a lot of SPG, but the final volume will depend on the allocation rate. You may not be able to use all of ONUS deposited, don’t worry, the remaining will be returned to you. 

    Phase 4: Claim Token

    At 5:00 PM UTC December 22nd, ONUS will complete the token allocation and your amount will automatically be transferred to your account.

    That’s all for appearance of Space Crypto on ONUS and instructions to buy SPG token on this Launchpad. For more details, find here:

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