Space Crypto NFT game – Amazing Adventures through the Stars

    Journey to the outer reaches of the universe has never been more fascinating in Space Crypto when combined with the play-to-earn element.

    Have you ever watched Star Wars and dreamed of someday immersing in a tremendous adventure to space, becoming a brave warrior, using power to protect the universe? If so, your dream now can completely be reproduced in the virtual dimension of SpaceCrypto.

    1. What is the Space Crypto NFT game? 

    This is an extremely entertaining, easy to play, and of course easy to earn game in the Space Metaverse ecosystem. 

    SpaceCrypto trailer

    From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, everything is captivating in this game. You will dive into that exquisite landscape, dig down the best-kept secrets of space, and fight back evil enemies conspiring to break down the peace of universe. 

    With each Boss defeated, you will receive the reward of Goin tokens.

    2. Development team

    Behind SpaceCrypto are a group of experts in Blockchain, networking, programming, game development, and the play-to-earn aspects of the current crypto market.

    They gather with burning passion to make big things in the virtual market. By building fun and amazing-looking NFT games, attracting a large number of gamers, they aim at expanding blockchain technology adoption around the world.

    spacecrypto-nft-game-amazing-adventures-through-the-stars 1
    SpaceCrypto development team

    With every potential SpaceCrypto brings, we all have the right to expect new projects of this team in their Space Metaverse in the future. 

    3. Roadmap

    SpaceCrypto team provided us with a very clear Roadmap. The game is expected to launch in Q1 2021. 

    Note: To kick off upcoming launch, Space Crypto announced an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on 21:00 Wednesday, 15th December. For more information on this event, check out:

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    4. Space Crypto token

    There are 2 main tokens you will use to trade in the game: SPG token and SPE token

    – SPG token: 

    Ticket: SPG

    Total supply: 1,000,000,000

    spacecrypto-nft-game-amazing-adventures-through-the-stars 3
    SPG token

    SPG token is the main currency of Space Metaverse, used for exchanging in Space Crypto as well as other games in Space Metaverse. This token is used as payment for goods or services, for staking to receive value goods from Treasury&DAO, and even for economy voting. 

    –  SPE token

    Ticker: $SPE – Space Energy Token

    Total supply: Unlimited

    spacecrypto-nft-game-amazing-adventures-through-the-stars 4
    SPE token

    This is a token you earn during your playing process. You can use SPE to: buy base, upgrade your spaceship, and use as rewards in battle and raid mode. You can also send, receive, buy, sell $SPE with other players like normal tokens. However, keep in mind that you must wait at least 14 days per $SPE withdrawal, and to save gas fee, the minimum amount for each withdrawal should be over 20 $SPE.

    5. Some important units in Space Crypto 

    – Spaceship

    spacecrypto-nft-game-amazing-adventures-through-the-stars 5

    Spaceship is the basic unit and an NFT asset in game 

    To battle with enemies, you will need a spaceship. All these ships have the same price of 10 SPG and are ranked by 6 levels of rarity. The more scarce your spaceship is, the higher rate you can win in matches. 

    Here are the possibilities of getting each level for one spaceship:

    Common – 82.00%

    Rare – 10.00%

    Super Rare – 6.00%

    Epic – 1.40%

    Legendary – 0.55%

    Mythical – 0.05%

    – Base: 

    To speed up the reloading time of your spaceship, you will be required to upgrade your base.  This is also an NFT. 

    spacecrypto-nft-game-amazing-adventures-through-the-stars 6

    There are 3 levels of a base: small, medium, and large. The price of a base will increase when its level increases. To reduce more reloading time, you will need an equivalent level base. 

    – Boss 

    spacecrypto-nft-game-amazing-adventures-through-the-stars 7

    Boss is your opponent. To earn rewards by SPE, you have to defeat Boss in the required time. If you fail, you will be forced to back the first match. 

    6. Play to Earn

    Space Crypto provides you with three game modes: 

    Raid mode (coming soon): In this mode, you don’t need to purchase any spaceship but still can play it anytime. This is an option for busy people who want to make some extra money in the meantime.

    Tournament mode (coming soon): This mode requires you to invest more effort and time to play, and in return, you can earn more tokens than in Raid mode. Your mission here is to prove that you are the best Space Guardian in the Space Metaverse. 

    – PvP mode (coming soon): The most interesting mode is here! With PvP, you can compete against your friends and other players, and of course, once you win, you will earn very attractive rewards. 

    Note: You can earn more tokens by actively playing and participating in the matches! Grab a ship, trade, fight Boss, and claim your own real estate for even more passive income!

    Sum up

    That’s all for brief details about Space Crypto. We will have more updated posts about this project, so make sure you bookmarked this link for not missing any interesting news. 

    For more information on Space Crypto, check out the project website and communities: 

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