The Dogecoin Foundation Has Revealed Their “Super” Doge Strategy for 2022

    The Dogecoin Foundation has released a roadmap laying out its plans for the year 2022.

    DOGE has seen a significant boost in primarily the project’s “serious” progress after the Dogecoin Foundation was founded in August this year with Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk’s representation on the advisory board.

    The Dogecoin Foundation continues to enthrall the investment community with the revelations of a promising plan in 2022, after the proposal of the DOGE-ETH bridge, with its desire to expand into the NFT marketplace and the Dogecoin Core one.14.five upgrade.

    Notably, Dogecoin has been actively watching the obsolete C++ / QT desktop portfolio, which is extremely well maintained by Dogecoin Core developers, for the past eight years. However, because most dealers trade on mobile phones and connection with online businesses is vital, concerns may have arisen quite late.

    The new plan will provide DOGE with guaranteed innovation through network diversification, clearing the path for additional faster nodes and bolstering DOGE’s written and verifiable standard with thorough testing.

    In addition, DOGE is confident in providing new methods to payment support firms, retailers, game developers, and social platforms that allows them to incorporate DOGE into their infrastructure quickly by using scalable backend solutions provided by the GigaWallet project.

    GigaWallet is an open-source project that attempts to address a vacuum in the market by offering a node / API solution that can be set up in seconds and allows developers to smoothly integrate Dogecoin transactions into their platforms easily.”

    The Dogecoin Key App and SDK proposal, on the other hand, address the issue of local community safety by assisting customers in maintaining control of their DOGE. They can connect with the GigaWallet API for DOGE transactional mobile applications without holding personal information.

    Furthermore, the Libdogecoin project is a comprehensive implementation of the DOGE protocols, including a C library and a set of bindings with a number of well-known languages that enable anyone to create a specifications-compliant product or service without having to worry about the more technical aspects of cryptocurrency functions.

    The Dogecoin Foundation, in collaboration with Libdogecoin, intends to improve the Dogecoin ecosystem:

    • Diversify your reliance on the Dogecoin blockchain’s main wallet.
    • Offer more options for deploying portfolios and nodes that are mostly based on specifications.
    • Ofer more platform integration options to increase Dogecoin acceptance.
    • Improve the Dogecoin network membership process, allowing more people to host DOGE nodes.

    The Dogecoin Foundation, on the other hand, is working with Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum, to build an unique DOGE proposal for a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model that would allow all DOGE holders to participate philanthropic endeavors.

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