The Merge – The Most Expensive NFT in the World

    The Merge is the most expensive NFT in the world with a price of up to 91.8 million dollars.

    Since digital artworks first burst into popular culture, collectors, fans and even celebrities have rushed to get involved. Eminem, a famous American rapper recently spent $450k to buy a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT that looks a lot like him. However, it is still not the most expensive NFT in the world, this title belongs to The Merge which was sold for $91.8 million via Nifty Gateway on December 4, 2021.

    Interestingly, The Merge is not a single-piece NFT, users were allowed to acquire as many ‘mass’ units as they desired. As part of the platform’s two-day sales event, digital creator Pak unveiled Merge, an unusual NFT project that had the ability to expand over time. And in just 2 days, more than 28,000 collectors bought into the release, spending a whopping USD$91,806,519 to purchase 266,434 total units of what Pak is calling “mass”. The sale technically made Pak the most expensive living artist in the world, even though many are still trying to wrap their heads around exactly what Merge is.

    Hundreds of thousands of people wanting to own NFTs is an obvious result of NFTs becoming increasingly accepted. What makes NFTs valuable is the ownership and digital assets in the real world. Owning an NFT means more than just  owning something uniquely yours. It shows good faith in your own future.

    Set in the year 2099 when four major technology corporations plot to overthrow the global government, DeFiHorse is one of the most potential NFT games today. In the game, players will raise and breed hundreds of horses in order to create the most powerful steeds. These are also NFTs that players can buy, sell and exchange on the marketplace.

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