The Parallel Clocked in at $4.3 Million and is Ready to Reach other Milestones

    In a short time since the project announcement, The Parallel proves its endless growth by successfully raising $4.3M.

    30 days ago, The Parallel is an obscure name. Now, with all great achievements it has gained, this project becomes an unstoppable force in the NFT ecosystem. Today, with the completion of modest fundraising rounds, The Parallel finished another target by raising $4.3M. With this major milestone reached, this project announced its confidence to pursue the creation of the ultimate ecosystem that will naturally evolve into an infinite Metaverse.

    The Parallel has succesfully raised $4.3 million

    What makes The Parallel succeed? 

    Besides focusing on making content, and marketing strategies, The Parallel team is explicitly aware of the importance of having good advisors. As for long-term success, the team has expanded its advisory panel with the priceless addition of Harry Holmes and Santiago R. Santos.

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    Harry Holmes and Santiago R. Santos

    Holmes is CEO of Magicave, a game studio focused on developing the next generation of games with player-owned economies, using blockchain and NFT technologies. His deep knowledge of the NFT community will be a big support for the future of The Parallel. 

    About Santos, this expert is a prominent name in the crypto-blockchain world who has supported countless successful and innovative projects. He specializes in crypto-financial theory and gaming theory. 

    With those strong backings, The Parallel is gaining more confidence in adding a new wave to the GameFi metaverse. 

    What to expect from The Parallel in near future? 

    The Parallel is an ambitious and dynamic project. Yet, there are still many challenges waiting ahead. However, when asked about the future of The Parallel, CEO Louis Nguyen said: “An evolving and prosperous Metaverse has to fulfill the three core needs of its ecosystem’s members: community, entertainment, and opportunity.” and claimed his belief in the unlimited potential of this project as well as his desire to provide users a complete enjoyment of immersion in the Metaverse experience. 

    Recently, The Parallel announced its IDO events will take place toward the end of December, before the holidays, and promised to bring full of technologically rich promo content utilizing alternate reality, virtual reality, and 3D technology.

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