The Parallel Conducts a Super Listing Event – Find More Information Here!

    Join The Parallel biggest event to experience a unique metaverse and earn numerous PRL tokens.

    The Parallel announced its epic listing event which will be live on this December 28th. This is not only a significant milestone for the project but also a world-class 3D experience that never happened before in the crypto industry. 

    The Parallel unveils an epic listing event

    About The Parallel

    “Infinite Metaverse” – that is what The Parallel team brands their project. As its slogan implies, this is a metaverse game in which players will have boundless abilities to create everything, be engaged in a completely unique GameFi experience with an endless array of entertainment, gaming, and earning pathways. The Parallel team believes with all the unique features this project has, this will be a superb start-off for their future infinity virtual world. 

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    The Parallel – “Infinite Metaverse”

    About The Parallel listing event: 

    1. What will we have? 

    • One of a kind world-class 3D Livestream with cutting edge 3D, AR & VR technology
    • Future vision of The Parallel infinite metaverse  
    • The exact listing time of PRL token on Pancake Swap & Kyberdmm              
    • Super gifts of a total 55,000 PRL (starting from now until the event). 

    2. How to join?

    You can be one of the 500 lucky participants just by following 2 simple steps: 

    • Like and Share The Parallel event teaser video on your Facebook or Twitter, tag 5 friends along with following hashtags: #TheParallel #Super_Listing_Event #Metaverse #PRL  

    Link teaser:

    Once finished, you are now on the list of luckiest Parallese who have chance to earn 10,000 PRL with a bonus of $500 for the most fortunate. What’s more? 50 winners with the reward of 20 PRL/each will be selected every day from now until the Super Listing event. 

    The more you share – the greater your chances! So, to increase your reward rate, share teasers as much as you can. 

    There will be a bunch of news revealed in the upcoming days, follow these links to catch up with all information: 

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