The Parallel Is Ready With Consecutive Storm Launchers in December

    It’s no exaggeration to say December is a big month of The Parallel. From now toward the end of the month, there will be 3 IDOs of this project to launch on reputed launchpads.

    Information of The Parallel IDOs

    1. KrystalGo

    KrystalGO is a community-focused IDO launchpad for next-generation crypto gems. With this platform, community members are now able to invest in up-and-coming blockchain startups.

    Official Site:


    The Parallel IDOs on KrystalGO:

    – Registration Open: Dec 24th,2021

    – IDO: Dec 28th, 2021

    2. LaunchVerse

    LaunchVerse is a DAO-based launchpad from RADA, aiming at simplifying and popularizing crowdfunding in blockchain, and making initial Token sales equally accessible for the masses.

    Official Site:


    The Parallel IDOs on Launchverse:

    – Whitelist Open: Dec 19th, 2021

    – IDO: Dec 28th, 2021

    3. Starpunk

    Starpunk is a Launchpad for NFT game projects. This platform allows game developers to present their new project with Starpunk community and get funded before the project launch. 

    Official Site:


    The Parallel IDOs on Starpunk:

    – IDO: Dec 27th, 2021

    Sum up

    Detailed information about these 3 IDOs will be revealed in our next posts. Don’t forget to bookmark our site to catch up with all the latest news:

    Keep in touch with The Parallel team by following these links: 

    And don’t forget about The Parallel epic listing event: 

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