The Parallel So Excited to Join Metaverse Revolution

    The Parallel aims to create a world in which everyone can together build a dream infinite metaverse with their unlimited creativity.

    Metaverse, a concept that refers to a shared virtual environment that people access through the Internet, has become one of the hottest trends this year and of course, Vietnam is no exception. When it comes to metaverse projects, we cannot ignore The Parallel. The Parallel is known as Vietnam’s first metaverse project, which aims to create a world in which everyone can together build a dream infinite metaverse with their unlimited creativity. The Parallel is ready to join the Metaverse era – the world’s next Internet revolution.

    Advantages of Vietnam

    In recent years, AI, AR/VR, blockchain and other technological achievements have gradually become extremely popular in life. Metaverse, meanwhile, represents the limitlessness of physical space and experience. Blockchain-based games and NFTs have enabled a new play-to-earn gaming model. For virtual property rent, metaverse developers often sell their virtual land parcels as a blank space.

    The world’s technology giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Tencent are participating in the development of the metaverse while fashion brands such as Gucci and Nike have also used the metaverse to attract buyers on their virtual platforms. In other words, the metaverse is a digital world where nothing is impossible. Given the limitless potential of the metaverse, many tech giants are betting on investments in this space.

    In Vietnam, the number of individuals and businesses investing, buying, selling, and trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. In fact, Vietnam is one of the nations with the highest rate of crypto adoption in the world. Blockchain data platform Chainalysis ranks Vietnam first in crypto adoption worldwide. Vietnam clearly has many advantages to lead the metaverse trend.

    Keeping up with the global trend, The Parallel, Vietnam’s pioneer metaverse developer, has also focused resources on developing metaverse projects. While most metaverse projects in Vietnam are focusing on NFT games, The Parallel is aiming to expand the metaverse beyond entertainment and gaming, bringing it into everyday life. The Parallel is a vast world, a culture, a society, an endless landscape with endless possibilities.

    The Parallel is advised by many diverse experienced investors such as Santiago Roel Santos, an angel investor focusing on tech and healthcare, Founder of EON Capital, formerly Crypto-asset investing at ParaFi Capital, Founder of Roca Capital, advisor of Synthetix. Sharing the long term vision with The Parallel, Kyber Ventures becomes the leading investor to help the project reach out the global market.

    With advantages in both people and technology, The Parallel is constantly making efforts to create a “virtual world” that brings a lot of “real values” to users.

    Focus on the Enjoy-to-Earn model and Creativity

    Instead of Play-to-Earn like other projects, The Parallel focuses on the Enjoy-to-Earn model which will create a balance between “Enjoy” and “Earn” for all participants, thereby helping the flatform to be sustainable and constantly growing.

    In addition, The Parallel opens up unlimited opportunities for all participants to build a sustainable community. Players, Traders, Farmers, Investors, Partners, Creators, Game Studio, Entertainment Companies, Guilds are 9 important subjects that The Parallel targets. All are core factors to create a metaverse world with endless and sustainable experience.

    Creativity is also the key value of this project, in which limitless creativity can quickly push the intense development of the platform. The Parallel provides and supports the system to protect this creativity for further development of Paragon Crafting, Hydra Systems or Partnership.

    According to Louis N, CEO of The Parallel, Metaverse is a long-term goal, a vision of the future that needs a lot of resources and time to achieve. Therefore, those who join this trend in the early stages will grasp the huge advantages to reach success. He believes that The Parallel will be an inspirational model for the young generation on the way to building a new world of the next Internet revolution. Experts also believe that metaverse startups will have great potential to get the unicorn tag.

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