The Parallel to Release Series of Development Activities in January – Check Them Now!

    Paragon Crafting testnet for Partners & KOLs will be launched right on January 1, 2022.

    When it comes to the most potential NFT games now, it would be a big mistake without mentioning The Parallel. Conceived by a team with years of experience in blockchain and game development, The Parallel impresses with its innovative Enjoy-to-Earn concept and unique gameplay, which allows gamers to recreate the entire real world in the metaverse.

    In the Parallel world, players will use the Paragon crafting system to design their paragons. Based on their design and choices, the design will have a RUNE crafting cost. They can then send the Paragon design to Hydra for copyright verification – Once the CR is approved it will generate the NFT based on the smart contract.

    The Parallel even has a special system called Hydra System to protect copyrights for players. This system uses AI to scan identities, thereby ensuring that no 2 designs will be the same.


    2022 is just around the corner and January will be really amazing with The Parallel, when many important development activities taking place. Check them out here:

    – Paragon Crafting testnet for Partners & KOLs 

    – Paragon Crafting testnet for users 

    – Box Sale 

    – Market Place 

    – Rune Fusion 

    Parallese, are you ready for it? Keep in touch with The Parallel team by following these links: 

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