Thetan Arena Beginners Guide: How to Buy Heroes?

    Here we are again with another instruction post for Thetan Arena lovers. As a fresh player in the game, you may find it difficult to buy heroes. That’s why we dedicate this topic to show you the easiest way to purchase your own character.

    In the last topic, we once mentioned Raidon, a level 1 hero you are given free when joining the game. However, if you want to enhance your playing process, paying for stronger and higher-level Heroes is something needed to consider. The easiest way to do so is by purchasing from Marketplace. Follow these simple steps to choose a hero that suits your needs and finances: 

    Step 1: Firstly, you must have a MetaMask wallet to pay in the game. Here are brief instructions: 

    • Install MetaMask app through, and set up the app on your device
    • Once MetaMask is available, you can now create your own wallet to store your crypto and use it later to purchase in-game resources.

    *The process is pretty straightforward, but note that your secret backup phrase provided when you create wallet is very important, so keep it safe and private!

    Step 2: With a MetaMask wallet on your device, let’s proceed to Thetan Arena marketplace site via this link:

    Step 3: On the Marketplace interface, you tick on attributes to sift heroes. Among many features, there are some to favor: 

    • Heroes rarity
    • Skin rarity
    • Class
    • Sort by Latest, Cheapest Item, or Most Expensive 
    • Total number of battles 
    • Price range
    thetan-arena-beginners-guide-how-to-buy-heroes 1
    Hero rarity, Skin rarity and Class (Source: Marginatm)
    thetan-arena-beginners-guide-how-to-buy-heroes 2
    Number of battles and Price range (Source: Marginatm)

    Read these 2 topics for easier chosen: 

    Step 4: After selecting attributes process is done, there will be heroes sorted by your requirement appearing on the screen. Now, pick a hero that you think is suitable for your style and finance, then click on “Buy now” button. 

    Buy a hero (Source: Marginatm)

    Step 5: Purchase with MetaMask wallet. 

    Have you done all the above steps? If so, you can now play with your new and higher-level heroes. Hopefully, your selection will help you flood through more battles and notch more awards with the highest profits.

    That’s all for Thetan Arena guides to buy heroes. Download Thetan Arena HERE, and read more game guides HERE

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