Thetan Arena Breaks the NFT Gamefi Record With 6 Million Players

    This game sets NFT GameFi history with 6 million players in just 15 days.

    The Thetan Arena has become the first one in the NFT gaming industry to hit 6 million players within 15 days of the official launch. The official Twitter account of Thetan Arena proudly announced this milestone on December 13th.

    The number of Thetan Arena players has continually increased and surpassed 7 million on December 17th. The project’s success is a reflection of the tireless effort of the best team.

    What exactly is Thetan Arena?

    Thetan Arena is a free-to-play play-to-earn mobile game built on Binance Smart Chain. This game is available on many operating systems for iOS, Android and Windows.

    In this game, players utilize their personal skills and team work to overcome a wide variety of game modes updated monthly. By playing game modes and participating in many other activities, players can achieve Thetan Coin, which is the main in-game currency. Apart from Thetan Coin, players can also use an exclusive currency named Thetan Gem to become investors.

    What factors contributed to Thetan Arena’s surprise success?

    According to the community’s evaluation, Thetan Arena is heading in a different route, giving it a footing in the global NFT gaming field and earning the community’s trust in the development team.

    This project is developed entirely by the Vietnamese development team from Wolffun Game, which owns a mobile MOBA series with two outstanding games including Tank Raid Online and Heroes Strike (the forerunner of Thetan Arena).

    Thetan Arena also has a long-term vision when it is oriented as a platform that connects three key variables, namely investors, players, and streamers, to construct an ever-expanding ecosystem. The combat in this game will continue to be developed into numerous new forms in order to provide players with more appealing experiences.

    For more information about Thetan Arena, please check this link.

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