Thetan Arena Guide: Easy Tips to Upgrade Heroes

    To boost your rank in Thetan Arena, Heroes upgrading is an important step to give priority.

    Last week, we shared with you detailed instructions to choose heroes in Thetan Arena. This week, let’s drop another post digging more into the game.

    Depending on the rarity as well as the skin, each Hero will have a different number of battles and earn different amounts of THC. The more battle you involve, the more coin you can gain. Heroes’ level will decide the number of battles you can join. The attributes such as defense and attack will also increase according to Heroes’ level. 

    So, to optimize profit and make playing progress effortlessly, you should upgrade your Heroes by following our instructions below. 

    Heroes’ rarity

    This element is determined by two factors: the basic rarity of the hero and the rarity of the skin. The higher rarity of Heroes, the more unique game styles, abilities, and bonuses in battle rewards.

    The basic rarity of the hero:

    1. Ordinary 

    2. Epic 

    3. Legendary 

    Each hero’s rarity is continued to divide into separated levels of skin rarity:

    1. Default

    2. Rare 

    3. Mythical 

    Based on those rarities, Heroes will have different gTHC Battles and Daily gTHC Battles

    – gTHC Battles are total battles eligible for earning gTHC 

    – Daily gTHC Battles are total battles eligible for earning gTHC in a day

    Number of gTHC Battles and Daily gTHC Battles based on Heroes’ rarities

    How to upgrade Heroes?

    To upgrade a hero, you are required two power points (PP) and gTHG by Hero Rarity. 

    You can consult upgrading fees in the table below:

    * NOTE: gTHG price fluctuates with floating THC/THG exchange rate. The price shown in the table is based on the sample exchange rate of 0.017

    Benefits of Heroes’ upgrading:

    – Increase Hero stats by +1.5% at each level 

    – Increase gTHC Battles and win bonus, as shown on the following table: 

    That’s all for Heroes upgrading in Thetan Arena. Next time, we will have more guideposts for this game, so don’t forget to visit regularly to update more news. 

    For more information about Thetan Arena, check out this link

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