Thetan Arena to Release a New Update for the Lunar New Year

    Thetan Arena is anticipated to have its first upgrade in 2022 on January 22nd.

    Thetan Arena, a FreeToPlay PlayToEarn blockchain game, is looking forward to a new year with the announcement of a Lunar New Year celebration upgrade.

    On the 22nd of January, the Lunar New Year updates are expected. Thetan Arena’s official Twitter account revealed the modification on January 14.

    Prior to the release of the real update, players should expect some maintenance on the marketplace and the game itself. When the upgrades start trickling in, users can expect skins, seasonal boxes, and game adjustments, among other things.

    The specific time of the update has yet to be announced, but the team has provided some information on what the update will include. Thetan Arena gets several new features with the update, like hero rentals and a creator section. The upgrade will also include enhancements to game balancing and matchmaking. In terms of skins, a Lunar New Year skin for Breaker and Velvet, a new addition to the metaverse, will be available.

    Players may anticipate Thetan Lunar New Year seasonal boxes, THG staking, special events, and hero trading in the marketplace to be transacted in $THC rather than $WBNB in the near future. As the new year approaches, the team will provide additional details.

    What is Thetan Arena?

    Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based esports competition. With only your talents, you may collect your friends, build a team, combat with others, and earn money. Thetan Coin is the primary in-game money, which can be earned by engaging in various game types and other activities.

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