This Unique Cyclical RSI Pattern Shows That Bitcoin Will Hit $100k In Summer - An extremely positive prediction for the price of Bitcoin in the coming up summer.

    This is Bitcoin on the 4D time-frame. An account named TradingShot has used this chart frame as it accurately displays a unique RSI formation which since August 2017 can help at identifying some distinct recurring cycles outside of the traditional historic ones on its parabolic growth curve.

    Soure: TradingShot (TradingView)

    As you see, the measurement from a unique RSI Higher Highs pattern which forms on BTC’s last High before a price peak, is approximately within 570 and 590 days. If the same sequence is repeated then the next pre-peak High should come in mid-August 2022. Assuming a modest (for BTC’s standards) rise is followed, then the price could reach the $100k psychological benchmark by then. On a (much) more optimistic scenario, if BTC follows the late 2020 rally pattern, we can see Fib 1.0 from the Fibonacci Channel break. In that case, even a extension on the 1.5 Fibonacci extension level is technically possible, though much less likely within the current Halving Cycle.

    So what do you think about this unique 4D RSI pattern? Is $100k within reach based on this model? 

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