Top 3 Altcoin Could Hit Triple Digit Gains Before The Current Cycle Ends - Terra, MATIC, and Chainlink are 3 altcoins that are being predicted to hit triple digit gains before the end of the current bull run.

    As Bitcoin struggled to recover from the drop on December 4, altcoins continued their double-digit gains overnight. Based on their price trends, Terra, MATIC, and Chainlink could post triple-digit gains before the end of the current bull run.

    Terra, MATIC and Chainlink can bring big profits to holders

    Terra (LUNA) has posted a 72% gain in the past two weeks. As the algorithmic stablecoin (UST) became widely accepted and popularized, the demand for LUNA spiked.

    Terra has now surpassed Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Avalanche to enter the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Analysts assessed Terra’s trend and predicted a 169% rally before the end of the bull run.

    Since the Columbus 5 upgrade, the burning of LUNA has fueled an upbeat narrative. The analyst thinks Terra is undervalued and outperforms most other altcoins.

    Among the top 20 altcoins by market cap, MATIC has emerged as a favorite among institutional investors. Ethereum’s Scaling Solution has seen a spike in utility and daily revenue over the past month.

    The MATIC price has rallied more than 49% overnight and analysts are expecting a lot for the altcoin as well. They note that the MATIC price trend is similar to its rally in March 2021. It could rally to the $7.5 – $15 region before this bull cycle ends.

    Cre: TradingView

    Chainlink’s new partnerships have caused a spike in demand for this altcoin. The price of LINK has increased by more than 12% in the last 24 hours. As the decentralized Oracle network secures more dApps and more complex smart contracts in the crypto ecosystem, it will drive demand from users.

    Cryptocurrency analyst at YouTube channel “CleverCrypto” has set a target of $240 for LINK in 2022.

    Cre: CleverCrypto

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