Top 5 Crypto Exchanges to Make Safe, Efficient Investment

    If you are a new investor, this topic is what you need for safer trading.

    Here are top 5 crypto exchanges to ensure consistent and reliable transactions. 

    *To provide the most objective article, we pointed out both the up and down sides of these exchange platforms.

    1. Coinbase – Best for Beginners



    Coinbase is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the crypto market. Since 2021, this platform has been expanding non-stop and gaining more than 73 million traders in over 100 countries with exchange approximately $100 billion every year. 

    • Pros

    – Contain a large number of cryptocurrencies

    – Friendly interface

    – Include advanced trading for professionals

    – Earn cryptocurrencies by completing educational material

    – Integrate Crypto-to-crypto trading

    – Insured

    • Cons

    – Costly for small traders

    – Poor customer service

    2. – Best Crypto Exchange Platform

    Website: has maintained its position as the best Bitcoin exchange since 2016 with over 10 million active users. With this platform, users can buy, sell, and exchange more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Also, they can trade 200 cryptocurrency pairs, and collect automatic interests and cashback for their investments.

    • Pros

    – Affordable transaction fees for new users

    – Highly security 

    – Well-rounded financial and cryptocurrency services

    – Staking CRO benefits

    – Provide free educational resources

    – Have many rewards for active traders

    – Up to $2,000 for referring friends

    • Cons

    – Rewards need to be converted into fiat currency

    – Poor customer support

    3. BlockFi – Best for Borrowing



    BlockFi is one of the best crypto exchanges with the highest yields. Through innovative products, the platform carved its place in the industry. According to Bloomberg, the BlockFi company is valued at around  $4 billion and is an extensive network of crypto brokers. With a $100 million liquidity, users can get the best Bitcoin trades in the industry. Furthermore, 50,000 users trust BlockFi to manage $10.3 billion in assets.

    • Pros

    – User-friendly interface

    – Offer one free withdrawal/ month

    – Compounding daily interest

    – Built-in wallet

    – IRS reporting

    – Lending without a credit check

    • Cons

    – Having a limited number of coins

    – No fiat-to-crypto trading

    – No insured

    4. eToro – Best for Social Features and Community



    eToro is a long-standing platform that started as a brokerage for stock and forex trading. And now, it grew in popularity and attracted more Bitcoin traders and investors.

    The platform is available around the world except for U.S and is under international and local laws, which means more security to traders. 

    • Pros

    – Forefront in social investing

    – Reasonable transaction fees

    – On-platform wallet

    – Strong security technologies

    • Cons

    – Regulated around the world

    – Unavailable in the U.S.

    5. Coinmama – Best Secured Services



    Coinmama is a bare essentials Bitcoin exchange where provides a more enjoyable and secured experience. There are many interesting activities on the platform like walking through the ranking system by increasing their investment or expanding trading volume to decrease the transaction fees. Besides, by applying 3D secure authentication, Coinmama is praised to be the safest exchange platform to trade Bitcoin. 

    • Pros

    – Include many payment options

    – Fees decrease the more users trade Bitcoin

    – Be able to buy in bulk

    – User-friendly interface

    – Loyalty program

    – Quick identity verification

    – 3D Secure authentication

    • Cons

    – Requires third-party wallet

    That’s all for best Crypto exchanges. What do you think of these platforms? Which one do you think is the best? Discuss with us via: 

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