Top 5 Energy-efficient Cryptocurrencies to Invest instead of Bitcoin

    Earn with crypto but still protect the environment, why not? Here are 5 energy-efficient cryptocurrencies that will be perfect alternatives for Bitcoin.

    As the negative effects of Bitcoin on the environment, the energy-efficient ones are considered to be the replacement. That’s lead us to wonder among all eco-friendly cryptos, which are the best choices to invest instead of Bitcoin? To answer this question, check out this list!

    EOSIO (EOS) 


    When it comes to green cryptos, people will think about EOSIO (EOS) first. This coin is one of the most profitable coins on the crypto exchanges, with quite a bit of fluctuation every once in a while.

    Using pre-mined EOS tokens that can be traded on standard cryptocurrency exchanges, EOS is highly sustainable, works with extremely low energy, and cost nothing. Moreover, by aiming at simplicity, this coin is quite simple to set up and is highly scalable.

    Cardano (ADA)

    Cardano (ADA)

    Developed by none other than the co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, ADA is the world’s fifth-largest cryptocurrency and is one of the most energy-efficient projects. 

    Was tested by academics and scientists, it’s the first blockchain to use multiple layers of technology. ADA works on the concept of “proof of stake” and is massively efficient in making quick transactions. Compared to Bitcoin’s 7 transactions a second, Cardano can achieve 1000.

    BitGreen (BITG)


    As a response to the environmental impact of traditional cryptocurrencies, the name of BitGreen was chosen to make it clear the coin was made against the harmful of Bitcoin on our planet. 

    A non-profit foundation was created to oversee the maintenance of the BitGreen. The project focus on community-driven initiative and energy-efficient alternative to Proof of Work consensus cryptocurrencies.

    Intended to incentivize eco-friendly actions, the app will allow users to earn BITG by recording their environmental protection actions like carpooling on a ride-hailing app, buying sustainable coffee, and volunteering.

    SolarCoin (SLR)

    SolarCoin (SLR)

    SolarCoin’s name already indicates it’s based on the Solar Energy project. This crypto is global, decentralized, and independent of any government. 

    Running on real-time, in-real-life energy conservation, the platform encourages real-world environmental activities by making users install more solar arrays to generate energy, and each hour of power generated will create one new Solarcoin.

    Stellar (XLM)

    Stellar (XLM)

    “Unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered.” Stella is the effort to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and digital currencies by introducing a more cost-efficient way to make payments even across the borders.

    SDF, Stella developer, looking to make a quick buck with massive gains in the price of Lumen. The transactions that are performed over the Stellar blockchain through “Lumens” literally cost you close to nothing and that also makes for extremely low energy consumption.

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