Top Potential Move to Earn Projects to Follow in 2022 (P3) - Wondering which are the best Move to Earn projects? Read on as we’ll be providing some super cool suggestions right now.

    A sedentary lifestyle is a common cause of poor health outcomes. Although we are always recommended to exercise at least 2.5 hours per week, most people do not exercise enough, causing many dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and even cancer. So, making exercise fun and profitable is the idea behind Move to Earn projects.


    Aircoins is currently the most famous crypto AR app in the world that features the Move to Earn model. It combines cryptocurrency with mobile gaming, augmented reality and digital advertising to create a unique experience in which players can collect real time location-based rewards and digital assets.

    Using the revolutionary proof-of-effort algorithm, players are rewarded for their efforts while staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Players can access conventional retail incentives, such as deals and coupons, as well as more exclusive rewards, like digital assets and one-of-a-kind AR collectibles. They can also find coins locally and globally, and use the Aircoins app to withdraw their coins.


    WIRTUAL was launched with the “Exercise to Earn ” concept. Basically, it will use your regular exercise activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc. to mine cryptocurrency. This app can connect with most fitness devices such as Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, Strava, and Garmin. Once you’ve worked up a sweat from running, swimming or cycling, WIRTUAL will track your progress and reward you with WIRTUAL tokens. Many challenges are also offered so that users can compete against each other and earn $WIR. The more $WIR you have, the more challenges you unlock and the more chances you have to get $WIR.


    Metz is a new project that has raised $700,000 through Community Funding. Not much information has been revealed about the project yet, but it seems that the project will have many similarities with Stepn and Genopets, namely the reward mechanism for users. The rewards can be tokens or NFTs. Users can grow their NFT with body movements and challenges. Next generation dynamic NFTs which grow when you move are a new kind of their own. Metz is still under development and is expected to be completed in 2023.

    Move to Earn is a new trend that could push the Crypto market into a new bull cycle. With the Move to Earn concept, physical activity is not merely fitness, but fun and profit. Don’t forget to follow us to get latest updates on crypto:

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