Treasure DAO (MAGIC Coin) – Overview and Updates on Project - Treasure DAO is one of the notable projects in recent times, its token has been listed on Binance.

    What is Treasure DAO (MAGIC)?

    Treasure DAO is a decentralized NFT ecosystem on Arbitrum and built specially for metaverse projects. Treasure projects are linked narratively and economically through MAGIC. DAO releases MAGIC mainly to develop and support projects on Treasure DAO.

    In Dec 2022, the number of monthly active users increased sharply and reached nearly 20,000 users as The Beacon, one of projects on the ecosystem, received a lot of attention from investors.

    Projects in Treasure DAO ecosystem


    Trove is an NFT exchange for the Treasure DAO ecosystem, launched in Nov 2021 with NFTs priced in ETH and MAGIC. Currently, the NFT collection with the highest trading volume on Trove in MAGIC is The Beacon – Eggs, while the highest trading volume in ETH is Knights odd the Ether (KOTE).


    Another project that plays an important role in the Treasure DAO ecosystem is Magicswap. Magicswap is the largest DEX in the ecosystem. The project now only allows swapping two pairs: MAGIC/Gfly (Gfly is the governance token of BattleFly DAO) and MAGIC/ELM (ELM is the governance token of Tales of Elleria).


    Bridgeworld is a bridge connecting projects in the Treasure DAO ecosystem. Bridgeworld has 7 locations: Atlas Mine, Barracks, Summoning Circle, Ivory Tower, The Forge, and Harvesters. It is powered by 3 types of resources: 

    MAGIC (Energy): native token of the Treasure DAO ecosystem

    Treasure (Resources): resources to mine MAGIC

    Legions (NFTs):  characters in the game.


    Smolverse is an NFT project on Treasure DAO. The project consists of 3 core NFT series: Smol Bodies, Smol Pets and Smol Brains. These 3 Series can be divided into Moon Rock, Stardust, Comet Shard, Lunar Gold and Alien Relic depending on rarity. Smolverse currently has 30,000 users and the cumulative trading volume is over 36 million $MAGIC.

    The Beacon

    The Beacon is the hottest game on the Treasure DAO ecosystem. Gameplay includes single player, group adventure, casual dress up, etc. In single player mode, the player can enter the dungeon alone to fight. Players need to keep the character alive to get NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or FTs (Fungible Token). The Beacon is free to play, however, players can choose to cast NFT characters at a cost of $40.

    Tales of Elleria

    Tales of Elleria is an RPG game inspired by Final Fantasy. The game introduces PVP, equipment, leveling, guild and hero recovery features as well as an internal economic system with ELLERIUM (ELM) as the primary Token and MEDALS (MEDALS) as a supplemental Token.

    Some other projects on Treasure DAO: BattleFly, The Lost Donkeys, Toadstoolz, Knights Of The Ether, LifeVerse, Lost SamuRise.

    MAGIC Token

    MAGIC is the natural resource of the Treasure metaverse. It “powers on” NFTs and turns them from fantasy into productive, yield-bearing assets. MAGIC is designed to be increasingly scarce (emissions decline as the complexity of the economy increases) as it weaves an ever-growing web of narrative bridges within the Metaverse. Players can earn $MAGIC through playing, mining, and participating in Bridgeworld. The Treasure ecosystem, therefore, is governed by $MAGIC holders.

    Token Name: Magic

    Ticker: MAGIC

    Blockchain: Polygon, Arbitrum

    Token Standard: ERC-20


    0xb0c7a3ba49c7a6eaba6cd4a96c55a1391070ac9a (Ethereum)

    0x539bde0d7dbd336b79148aa742883198bbf60342 (Polygon)

    Token Type: Utility, Governance

    Total Supply: 339,645,510 MAGIC

    Circulating Supply: 205,129,893 MAGIC

    Token Allocation

    Treasure Farm: 33%

    Mining: 25%

    Staking/Liquidity: 17%

    Ecosystem fund: 15%

    Team: 10%

    Token Release Schedule

    MAGIC emission mimics Bitcoin’s halvening, but this event occurs every year as opposed to every four years. The total supply will be ~350,000,000 tokens.

    How to earn MAGIC

    Purchase on exchanges or join games in the Treasure DAO ecosystem to mine MAGIC.

    Where to buy and sell MAGIC?

    Currently, MAGIC is traded on many different exchanges with a total daily trading volume of about 14.9 million USD. Exchanges that list this token include Binance, OKX, Bybit, MEXC,, Coinbase, Uniswap, etc.

    Treasure DAO is the largest NFT ecosystem on Arbitrum with long-term vision of acting as the Nintendo of the crypto metaverse, where any new or existing project can plug their cassette into their console to enjoy their technology and community. Arbitrum is a fairly new Layer-2 platform and has not yet issued a token. In the future,the platform will likely continue to attract more investors, creating opportunities for projects built on Arbitrum like Treasure DAO.

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