Twitter Adds Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Charts to Search Function

    Searching Bitcoin or Ethereum on Twitter now returns a price chart powered by Robinhood.

    Twitter has introduced market charts for the two biggest cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Ethereum since Wednesday, December 21.

    Searching for “$BTC” or “$ETH” on the social media site now returns a chart showing up-to-date price data for the relevant cryptocurrency.

    To view the charts, the submitted search query must include the cryptocurrency’s ticker in capital letters. Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum do not appear to be supported.

    Each chart features the logo of market tracker TradingView and a link to the popular cryptocurrency and stock trading app Robinhood. It’s unclear if either company will pay to introduce the feature.

    Twitter itself did not comment on the addition of the feature. However, the site has announced many other features in recent months, such as supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum tipping as well as various NFT features.

    Shortly after that, on Dec. 22, Twitter CEO Elon Musk retweeted the announcement of the new feature: 

    The news comes alongside Elon Musk’s plan to step down as Twitter CEO. The CEO said that he will leave this position when a replacement is found.

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