Twitter Community Goes Crazy As “The Most Hated Man in America” Expresses Interest in Crypto - The crypto community on Twitter went crazy when Martin Shkreli, “the most hated man in America,” revealed his deep involvement in crypto.

    On the morning of May 21, after days of being flooded with news of the LUNA-UST “catastrophe” and market turbulence, the crypto community on Twitter is spreading the word about a Twitter Space live with the participation of Martin Shkreli.

    On a world scale, perhaps not many people know about Martin Shkreli, but he is a “notorious” businessman in the US. At the age of 39, Shkreli is known as the co-founder of the hedge fund Elea Capital, MSMB Capital Management, and MSMB Healthcare; co-founder and CEO of two pharmaceutical companies Retrophin and Turing Pharmaceuticals.

    In September 2015, Turing Pharmaceuticals received a license to manufacture Daraprim, a drug that prevents pneumonia for HIV/AIDS patients. Then, under the direction of CEO Martin Shkreli, Turing raised the price of Daraprim to 5,455% (from 13.5 USD to 750 USD/dose). For this reason, Turing has faced fierce criticism from the public, and Mr Shkreli has been dubbed “the most hated man in America”.

    By 2017, Martin Shkreli was sentenced to 7 years in prison and fined $7.4 million for defrauding investors at two hedge funds, unrelated to Daraprim. In early May 2022, it was reported that Mr. Martin Skhreli was released from prison early.

    On the morning of May 21, during a Twitter Space live, Mr. Martin Shkreli suddenly appeared on an unofficial Twitter account with an avatar of an NFT Milady. It is unclear what he said during the Twitter live, but according to sources, the CEO has talked a lot about the crypto space.

    Skhreli’s “clone” Twitter account also includes a post mentioning the BTC address used to purchase NFT Milady, as well as an ETH address to purchase the Ethereum Name Service domain martinskhreli.ens. Mr. Skhreli’s ETH address currently has only 0.01 ETH (about 21 USD) along with many little-known NFTs, 2 ENS and 1 Milady. BTC addresses have no funds.

    NFT Milady holders are “crazy” to see Shkreli using their NFT; the crypto community on Twitter is also “exploding” with the expectation that he can move further into crypto space. The number of keywords with “Shkreli” on Twitter has increased rapidly.

    This news even caught the attention of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. On Twitter, he wrote: “How do we create a culture where it’s harder to set (or become) the topic of public conversation by doing something terrible and easier to do so by doing something great?”

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