Two Chinese Intelligence Officers Tried to Bribe US Government Employee With Bitcoin to Steal Secret Documents - These two defendants paid $61,000 in Bitcoin bribes to a US government employee to obtain internal documents related to the ongoing investigation and prosecution of a company based in China.

    The US Department of Justice on Oct 25 charged two Chinese intelligence officers with obstructing US investigation targeting a China-based company. These two officers paid $61,000 in Bitcoin to steal internal documents related to an investigation into a Chinese tech giant Huawei. The US employee who is believed to be recruited to work for the Chinese government but in fact, (s)he worked as a double agent for the FBI.

    It all started in November 2011, two Chinese officers transferred $41,000 in BTC to American spies to steal confidential documents related to the investigation. Next, in October 2022, they continued to send another $20,000 in Bitcoin, claiming their organization “decided to give a good reward” to the employee for providing confidential information.

    After collecting evidence, the US Department of Justice,  the US Department of Justice sent the file to the Eastern District Court of New York for processing. Two Chinese intelligence officers have been charged with obstructing a criminal investigation, as well as money laundering due to two bribes. The defendants are said to be living in China.

    There have been many cases of using cryptocurrencies to commit crimes in the past and this is also the reason why officials worldwide have called for the banning of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. US officials also stepped up efforts in 2022 to limit the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering and other criminal activities, including banning US citizens from using Ethereum coin mixing service Tornado Cash. However, the crypto community is not too worried about this, even joking that “Bitcoin has a new use”. Furthermore, the Chinese authorities appear to have bought Bitcoin despite crypto being fully banned in this country.

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