“Unbox Gacha – Own LOLO Egg” – CALO Unveils Its First Event on DAPP

    CALO super event is deployed and ready to bring joiners surprises and special offer. 

    About the Event

    On December 27, 2021, the CALO team announced that they are committing an event called “Unbox Gacha – Own LOLO egg” on DAPP. 

    Smash the Gacha boxes to earn LOLO egg
    • Venue: Marketplace CALO
    • Time: Event will be taken from 3 PM UTC December 30, 2021 to 3 PM UTC December 31, 2021. 
    • Offer: By joining, you are one of the luckiest to own the first LOLO eggs through Gacha blind boxes. With those eggs, you will have more advantages in the Challenges of CALO Metaverse.
    • Gacha Box Price:

    – Common: 599 $CALO | 49% Ocean Egg – 49% Nature Egg – 2% Flame Egg
    – Uncommon: 999 $CALO | 45% Ocean Egg – 50% Nature Egg – 5% Flame Egg.
    – Rare: 1399 $CALO | 40% Ocean Egg – 52% Nature Egg – 8% Flame Egg.

    *Note: If you want to participate, you must be quick because there are only 600 boxes for the fastest and smartest investors. After this event, users can only gain eggs by purchasing in the NFTs market.

    Your opportunity only comes once so don’t miss this chance to buy Gacha blind boxes and get CALO NFTs at the most affordable price. 

    CALO App

    Making workouts easier and more enjoyable is CALO target. The app is proud to be a pioneer in the sports field of NFT ecosystem. When participating in sports tournaments of CALO Metaverse, players will receive more than they think. Not only money or physical and mental health but also great experiences. 

    unbox-gacha-own-lolo-egg-calo-unveils-its-first-event-on-dapp 1
    CALO App – Making workouts easier and more enjoyable

    For more details on CALO app and CALO events, access these links:

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