Universe Island Overview – An Intriguing and Competitive NFT Shooting Game

    If you walk through the NFT community these days, you definitely heard of Universe Island, the most searched blockchain-based game at the moment. So, what is this game? Let’s find out more with this article. 

    What is Universe Island? 

    Universe Island is an exciting Sci-Fi themed 1v1 third-person shooting game-powered blockchain and play-to-earn technology. It’s no exaggeration when said that this game is one of the rare NFT titles doing good in delivering both compelling gameplay and an engaging plot, bringing players a surpass adventure through their gaming experience. 

    • Storyline

    The game takes place in a metaverse fractured into islands, not on Earth but beyond the sky. Each island has its own mysteries waiting for players to explore. Our main character is a girl who lost and trapped in this bizarre place. Curiosity overcame fear, our little girl decided to unravel the truth lurking behind these islands, and embark on a challenging but also extremely interesting journey finding way to escape the mystery place. 

    Universe Island’s main character
    • Gameplay

    Shoot and earn money, what could be more interesting than that? Players don’t need to be pro gunners to play Universe Island, all they need is a passion for shooting games and making NFT profits. With all that in mind, they are now ready to immerse in tremendous journey of action-driven experience. 

    Players will be able to jump into an exciting and mysterious, ever-expanding metaverse featuring custom maps, each with unique terrain, features, and AI enemies. Players will have their particular ability to compete against other players, escalate the ranks and enjoy unparalleled play-to-earn opportunities and incentives.

    Compete against other players, rise through the ranks, and enjoy unparalleled play-to-earn opportunities and incentives

    Once in game, players can improve their skills by confronting a bunch of challenges integrated into maps, liked taking out opponents or defeating AI-controlled enemies, which will act as a training ground, with a shooting range and NPCs. To get over those challenges effortless and faster, players can corporate with others.  

    Development team

    Universe Island team


    Universe Island has recently launched its IGO on Steedy platform. The game is expected to release in Q2, 2022. We will have detailed guides to play this game in our next posts, so make sure you bookmarked for not missing any news. 

    Universe Island roadmap

    Play-to-earn mechanism 

    Universe Island uses a matchmaking algorithm based on the ‘Energy Points’ to match opponents of equal rank and skill level to compete and to win $UIM (Universe Island’s main token) token rewards. To optimize gameplalayers will need to carefully plan how they defeat their enemies. 

    On top of the guaranteed rewards, two treasures will be airdropped by UFOs, randomly on the map, so not only fighting back enemies, but players also need to keep an eye on these bonus prizes. If a player collects a treasure but then be defeated, their opponent will receive 25% of that extra reward.

    Besides that, Universe Island will offer the specially designed 3D Infinity Collection NFT card series featuring five rarity levels, which gamers will be able to acquire through staking $IUM, auctions, or on secondary markets from other players. These NFTs will also function as valuable weapons and power-ups to enhance game-play and increase players’ chances of defeating their opponents. 


    $UIM is the main token of the game. This token will be earned through participation in game-play, and farming/staking. Players will be able to use $UIM for in-game market purchases, with reduced fees. The tokens will also function as a governance currency, allowing holders to participate in the future development and direction of the Universe Island metaverse.

    $UIM will be earned through participation in game-play, and farming/staking

    Sum Up

    With all above potentials, we believe this game will bring in players and keep them engaged with it. Let’s wait for upcoming process of Universe Island to see what this game can do in the NFT market. 

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