What is Floki? Everything You Need to Know About Memecoin FLOKI - Floki is often known as a memecoin but more than that, it is a large ecosystem with many features such as gaming, NFT, education, and more.

    What is Floki?

    Floki is a community-driven ecosystem created and owned by an unknown team of developers who were enthusiastic and members of the Shiba Inu community. FLOKI is a memecoin named after Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu. The project is run on 2 main networks, Ethereum and BNB Chain.

    The Floki ecosystem gives people control of their finances through four key utility offerings:

    • Valhalla – Floki’s play-to-earn NFT metaverse
    • FlokiFi – Decentralized Finance
    • University of Floki – Crypto education platform
    • FlokiPlaces – Merchandise and NFT marketplaces

    Floki’s products 

    1, The Valhalla

    Valhalla is a play-to-earn NFT metaverse game that will be powered by the $FLOKI token. On mainnet, users would have to hold a certain amount of FLOKI in their wallet to make a character playable. Users will also be able to earn FLOKI tokens for battling.

    Create your own NFT character and capture NFT Vera in the open world. On-chain raiding, farming, battle, quest, clan, and Esports mechanics give Valhalla the largest smart contract infrastructure of any project in Web3. Everything that you obtain in the metaverse is yours to own and to sell as you please.

    Valhalla’s first version with Open World was launched in Q4 2022. Users can experience the game on Optimism Goerli Testnet.

    2, FlokiFi

    FlokiFi is the umbrella name for a suite of decentralized finance products that will be launched under the Floki brand. The first utility was the FlokiFi Locker. FlokiFi Locker is the industry’s most innovative protocol for securing digital assets. Securely lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, NFTs, fungible tokens, and Multi-tokens in just a few clicks. As of May 9, 2023, the project has reached more than $22,355,553 USD TVL with a total of 37 locked NFTs.

    FlokiFi Locker also offers other features such as:

    • Lock NFT: The FlokiFi NFT Locker lets you lock NFTs on 12 EVM compatible blockchains. The innovative “batch lock” feature also allows you to lock several NFTs in a single transaction.
    • Allows users to lock tokens for a long time.
    • FlokiFi Locker is the only digital asset locker solution with support for the ERC-1155 multi token standard that allows you to lock a combination of fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, and other token types deployed through a single contract all in one transaction.
    • FlokiFi Locker is a multi-chain protocol with support for 12 EVM compatible blockchains: major blockchains supported include ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, AVAX, Optimism, KCC, OKXChain, Arbitrum, Cronos, and more. 

    FlokiFi Locker fees:

    •  Fixed fee to lock a token: 50 USDT per transaction.
    • Fixed fee to lock an NFT: 100 USDT per transaction.
    • Fixed fee to lock a multi-token (ERC-1155): 100 USDT per transaction.
    • Fixed fee to vest a token or multi-token: 100 USDT per transaction.
    • Fixed fee to lock/vest LP tokens: 0.5% of LP value.

    FlokiFi Locker fees will be used to:

    • 25% fees will be bought and burned FLOKI tokens to reduce inflation.
    • The remaining 75% will be transferred to the Floki treasury.

    3, NFTs

    Floki features three NFT collections that provide holders with powerful benefits within Floki’s Ecosytem. They can be purchased on Opensea NFT marketplace.

    Flokitars:  A dog-themed collection created in September 2021, including 10,000 items with an average price of 0.056 ETH (equivalent to 103 USD) each. Flokitars holders will have special benefits when joining Valhalla.

    Diamond Hands (Genesis): Genesis NFTs all have a treasure and clarity attribute. They may include all, some, or none of the following 3 attributes: 

    • ‍”X” Trait: Longship in Valhalla‍
    • “Y” Trait: Discount on in-game purchases at B’s Shop in Valhalla‍‍
    • “Z” Trait: Secret trait

    Valhalla players can use the Genesis NFTs to power up their player character. They may achieve the special power of “Flokimandu” upon collecting the entire Genesis Collection (Ruby, Diamond, Silver, Bronze).


    • Aurum Gemstone of Truth: Holder pays no fees when using Floki Ecosystem products like FlokiFi and University of Floki (LP locks not included). Applies only on the network of NFT. Gives players a unique advantage in Valhalla.
    • Diamond Mind Gemstone: Aurum benefits + early access to the FLOKI Debit Card when it launches.
    • Ruby Heart Gemstone: Aurum + Diamond benefits + Get airdropped a portion of future tokens launched within the FLOKI ecosystem.

    Genesis holders will also receive benefits from Gemstone:

    • Bronze Genesis holders enjoy benefits of Aurum Gemstone.
    • Silver Genesis holders enjoy benefits of Diamond Mind Gemstone.
    • Ruby and Diamond Genesis holders enjoy benefits of Ruby Heart Gemstone.

    Floki also focuses on community when launching Turkey earthquake relief NFTs:

    • 100% of initial sales donated to relief from the 2023 earthquake that devastated Turkey and surrounding nations.
    • Holders will receive an exclusive perk in Valhalla, where they can show their national pride.

    4, FlokiPlaces

    FlokiPlaces is an NFT Marketplace where anyone can trade NFTs with crypto quickly, cost effectively, and globally. FLOKI will be the main currency of FlokiPlaces. is live for all your Flokish needs and has partnered with Binance Pay to accept payment in multiple cryptocurrencies.

    5, Floki Card 

    The Floki virtual prepaid debit card (Visa/Mastercard) is offered in collaboration with FCF Pay and allows users from all over the world to generate virtual Visa/Mastercard prepaid debit cards and fund them with FLOKI tokens.

    Floki Card can be integrated on Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. These virtual cards have a balance limit of $5000, daily transaction limit of $2,500 and can be used with millions of merchants from around the world. The card has a 3.75% top up fee, of which 1% goes towards buying and burning FLOKI tokens, thereby further making the FLOKI token perpetually deflationary.

    The fees for using FCF Pay to load balance onto theseprepaid virtual cards are:

    • $6 new card creation
    • $3 balance refill action
    • 3.75% reload fee
    • $2 monthly maintenance fee
    • Foreign exchange fees may apply if purchases are made in a currency other than the card’s native currency.

    6, Floki University

    Floki University is an educational resource with crypto topics for users in Web3. The project has successfully launched beta with more than 300 students, including 20 lucky students who enjoyed a week of live classes in Floki’s virtual classroom environment. The first release of asynchronous materials for University of Floki is expected in 2023.

    By becoming the premier crypto education platform, Floki University aims to strategically introduce the Floki Ecosystem to billions of new crypto users over the coming years.

    The FLOKI token will be the main utility token of the University of Floki. While most of the content will be freely accessible, the FLOKI token will be required to perform certain functions in Floki University.

    Project’s highlights

    • The FLOKI ecosystem is filled with existing and future products that will add value to the token.
    • Charity: Among other initiatives, Floki has pledged to build a state-of-the-art school first on every continent, then in every underdeveloped nation of the world. Guatemala, Ghana, Laos, and Nigeria are already home to Floki schools.
    • Floki partnered with Million Gardens Movement to help millions of people grow their own food, consume a healthier diet.
    • Launched Turkey earthquake relief NFTs and its revenue will be donated to relief.
    • Floki got support from the community and was listed on Binance.

    FLOKI Token

    Key metric

    • Token Name: Floki
    • Ticker: FLOKI
    • Blockchain: Ethereum, BNB Chain
    • Token Contract: Ethereum (0xcf0c122c6b73ff809c693db761e7baebe62b6a2e), BNB Chain (0xfb5b838b6cfeedc2873ab27866079ac55363d37e)
    • Token Type: Utility
    • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 FLOKI
    • Circulating Supply: 9,784,042,938,788 FLOKI

    Use cases

    • Used as a utility to interact on the Floki ecosystem such as paying fees, playing games, etc.
    • Tokens serve as a means of payment and settlement between participants in the platform.
    • The total supply of FLOKI will be burned when users use the product.


    Buy back automation: 55%

    Marketing for influencers: 27%

    Reward for FLOKI holders: 18%

    Roadmaps & updates

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