What’s DAO And Why It’s Going To Be The Next Big Trend In Crypto 2022 - In DAO, control is distributed among all team members, rather than one main figure.

    What’s DAO?

    DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a methodology for quickly organizing a large group of people to achieve specific goals and tasks.

    In DAO, control is distributed among all team members, rather than one main figure. Most modern companies or any kind of enterprise, have a strict, hierarchical, vertical management structure with bosses, presidents, and boards of directors. Decentralized organizations have a flatter management system, where each person has a voice and the ability to put forward a proposal to change or improve the organization.

    The classic daily functioning of an autonomous organization implies the absence of intermediaries and full or partial automation. Everything is executed and written using smart contracts. The number of votes a DAO member has – can be measured by the number of governance tokens in his wallet. Also, an equal vote can be held, where everyone has one, equal vote, or a quadratic vote distribution scheme is applicable, etc. Blockchain and smart contracts guarantee transparency and no falsification.

    Why do you need it?

    Already, most of the crypto projects and investment funds are DAOs or are switching to this type of management. By understanding their structure, you will better understand the market. DAO is politics and democracy. Politics can be interesting too, especially when it is transparent, and your decisions influence something. DAOs bring money not only to their creators but also to ordinary members of the community. Organizations have their funds and grants. If you know various fields, organizations, and management skills, as well as a desire to take part in the development of web 3.0, then DAO is your chance for implementation.

    How does DAO work?

    Each organization has its own goals and objectives. The tasks that are assigned to the DAO are called mandates. For example: developing a network, attracting new supporters and users, mobilizing community activity, creating and maintaining content to promote projects and infrastructure in general. The direct execution of the mandates will be carried out by the Guardians.

    The DAO is community-driven and it is the core principle it is built on. However, a structure is important for any community where each person takes on a specific role and understands his area of responsibility. To structure the community, custodians are elected by voting in the DAO for a certain period. During the selection period of the custodians, every member of the community can nominate himself by providing a small resume about himself. The main task of the custodians is to organize the voting process and carry out the decisions made. Each of the custodians has their competence and area of responsibility for the implementation of mandates. Custodians are also responsible for the DAO fund (treasury) – money that is spent to achieve the goals indicated in the mandates. To spend treasury money, you need at least six out of nine Guardian votes. For this, a multi-signature system was created in the blockchain wallet. Where treasury money will be invested is decided, like everything else, by voting.

    Only stakeholders have access to management and participation in voting. Voting takes place on the blockchain and is completely transparent. In a first ballot, nine curators were selected to organize the subsequent work of the DAO.

    The community is the main and only governing body and driving force in the DAO. As with any organization, all community members who contribute to a common goal are fairly rewarded. DAO is the structure of the organization that is ideal for committed and committed people who are ready to invest in a common cause. All positions and employees are generously paid. You will find your role in the DAO, even if you are just ready to come up with bold ideas, answer questions in chat, or like politics. Any people interested in developing a common cause and forming a community will be able to realize their potential.

    Trends 2022: DAO

    DAOs are one of the most important constructs in cryptocurrency, and they will change every aspect of economics, politics, and possibly even your social life in the coming years. If 2020 was all about DeFi and 2021 was about NFT, then 2022 will be the year of the DAO.

    The backbone of the Web3 economy and the wild world of the DAO is your wallets, which are like your personal data stores. Whether it’s Metamask or Coinbase on Ethereum, Phantom on Solana, TerraStation on Terra, or something else. The tokens in these vaults give you access to cryptocurrency and will become more and more important in the coming years. In five years, people may be looking at the current wallet landscape and grinning at how primitive we were, but some solutions (eg Zapper, Zerion) show how we are getting closer to the time when our wallets can act as universal identifiers and data managers.

    Will DAOs exacerbate poor workforce dynamics that are already a problem for other service providers in the gig economy? Perhaps, there are many more positive aspects than negative ones. Early contributors will at least participate in improving the performance of the platform they are helping to create, even if those platforms result in variable labor costs. In any case, Web3 tokens are impossible not to invent. You will be working in DAO someday. Better to start now, while the alpha is at its highest.

    In some jurisdictions, it will become illegal to work for an unregistered DAO. On the other hand, other jurisdictions are likely to invite DAO employees with unique tax codes that take into account the difficulty of obtaining taxes without employer and bank oversight.

    Providing better treasury analytics to communities can significantly improve governance decision-making. It’s not just the best treasury management practices, but also in the absence of professional treasury managers. The arrival of qualified financial managers for the DAO opens up great market opportunities and will help protocols be prudently diversified to ensure they are well-capitalized under all market conditions.

    The open and permissive nature of blockchain has led to a monumental shift that is redefining the relationship between protocols and their investors. Token Terminal (fundamental data), The Graph (on-net data), Nansen (fund flows), Dune Analytics (aggregated metrics), DeFiLlama (TVL), and Messari (market data and offline events) are essential tools today to help users get a complete picture of what is happening in the market.

    Venture DAOs are already hot and by 2025 one of the most active and largest venture capital funds with a large volume of assets will become a DAO. We also began to see DAO mergers and acquisitions gain traction. The next frontier could be the acquisition of Web2 by Web3.

    Most projects aspire to become DAOs, as this type of management brings money not only to the creators but also to ordinary members of the community. Possessing useful skills and knowledge, having the opportunity to influence DAO decisions regarding organization funds (funds, grants, etc.) and other issues within the framework of their transparent policy, everyone gets a chance to implement their ideas.

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