Which are the best Airdrops in December 2021 to Participate in?

    Finding the best airdrops to raise your investment at the end of 2021? If so, we have you covered with a line-up of top cryptos in December 2021 that you will be most interested in.

    1. GamesPad (GMPD)

    Date: Dec 1st – Dec 15th

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    GamesPad (GMPD)

    Starting off this list, we have GamesPad, a holistic and chain-agnostic ecosystem where impactful crypto gaming concepts come to reality. By joining GamesPad, you will be incorporating multiple chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Solana, Polychain, and Cardano.

    Currently, the GMPD token airdrop is already open, and it has attracted over 2,3 million participants. 

    To become a member of GamesPad community, you will need to buy both a certain amount of GMPD tokens and an appropriate NFT to enter one of the tiers. Access transparent and permissionless investment opportunities.

    More info about this project can be found here!

    2. Biswap (BSW)

    Date: Dec 2nd – Dec 16th 

    Biswap (BSW)

    Next, we have the Biswap token airdrop. The airdrop was launched on December 2, and it is expected to end on December 16. 40,000 BSW tokens will be available during this airdrop that will be distributed to 4000 lucky winners.bAt the time of writing, this airdrop had attracted over 2,5 million participants. 

    To be rewarded, you have to join Biswap on social media, like, follow and repost hashtags. You also need to provide your BEP-20 wallet address and fill the airdrop form.

    More info about this project can be found here!

    3. Sonar (PING)

    Date: Dec 4th – Dec 24th

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    Sonar (PING)

    Last but not least, we have Solar, one of the next-generation trading platforms.

    Sonar is designed for the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. The trading platform offers complete and easy-to-use tracking and analytical tools instead of the complexities of cryptocurrency trading, making buying and selling crypto simpler and clearer than it has been. 

    By aiming at simplicity, Sonar helps trading newbies navigate the depths of crypto with ease and pleasure. For that, it comes packed with never-before-seen features and a unique user interface to streamline your workflow. 

    Already, the project announced new airdrop and crowned over 1,4 million participants. So be rushed to become one of the lucky users who will obtain rewards. 

    More info about this project can be found here!

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