Youtube’s Head Of Gaming Join Polygon Studios As CEO - Ryan Wyatt, who has been at the helm of YouTube's gaming business for the past seven years, will become the new CEO of Polygon Studios.

    Polygon Studios is the game development and NFT unit for Polygon, the blockchain platform with a mission to scale for Ethereum, founded in July 2021.

    In his new role, Mr. Wyatt will lead Polygon Studios to develop more applications for games, entertainment, fashion, news, and sports, as well as execute more investment, marketing and support deals. An emerging project, aimed at “shortening the gap between Web2 and Web3”.

    The appointment of a senior employee like Mr. Ryan Wyatt shows Polygon’s ambition to become a blockchain platform for gaming and NFT applications – two important trends that have “made waves” in the crypto market in 2021.

    Also on the morning of January 26, YouTube’s Director of Partnerships Jamie Byrne also announced his resignation to work for Bright Moments, an NFT platform.

    The above personnel changes are a continuation of the wave of talent “bleeding” from traditional corporations to emerging crypto companies, especially in the gaming, NFT and metaverse segments.

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