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    Bitcoin Discussion Rates Hit 3-month Low, Investors Turn Attention to Altcoins - Bitcoin’s ratio of discussions has hit a 3-month low, as crypto analytics platform Santiment reported.

    Bitcoin Network Faces Severe Block Congestion With Over 460,000 Pending Transactions - Bitcoin Network is facing the longest-ever period of block congestion with more than 460,000 pending transactions.

    Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged, Bitcoin Price Slightly Dips - Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged but another hike is likely to come this year.

    Record-breaking Transaction Fee of $510,000 Caused by Bitcoin User’s Costly Mistake

    According to data recorded on the blockchain, a Bitcoin user paid an astonishing 19 BTC, equivalent to approximately $510,000, in transaction fees for transferring a meager 0.074 BTC, valued at less than $2,000, on September 10th.

    Crypto Researcher: Investors Should Buy ETH Instead of BTC - Analysts are suggesting a high possibility of the SEC approving an Ether futures-based ETH as soon as October.

    Revolutionary or Contradictory? US Bitcoin Miner to Use the Power of Burned Tires

    Stronghold Digital Mining Co. is a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency industry, forging its own unique path. Trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker SDIG, the company proudly identifies as an 'environmental power company,' harnessing the power of Bitcoin mining to promote its eco-conscious agenda.

    Who Is Behind The World’s 3rd Largest Bitcoin Wallet? - A mysterious wallet has accumulated Bitcoin over the past few months, becoming the 3rd largest whale in the world. So, who is behind the owner of this wallet?

    North Korean Hackers Trying to Sell $40 Million in Bitcoin - These Bitcoins are said to have been stolen by North Korea’s Lazarus Group hackers, including $60 million from Alphapo and $100 million from Atomic Wallet.

    Chinese Official Sentenced to Life in Prison Corruption and Crypto Mining - Yi Xiao, a former provincial official in Jiangxi province, has been accused of abusing his power to facilitate crypto mining.