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    These 2 Altcoins Beat Bitcoin Over the Past Two Weeks

    Altcoins typically reflect the price movement of Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. However, these 2 altcoins, over the past two weeks, outperformed BTC.

    Number of Bitcoin Holders Hit Record High, Data Shows - Bitcoin price keeps falling and shows no signs of recovery but the number of Bitcoin holders is still at a record high.

    Twitter Adds Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Charts to Search Function

    Searching Bitcoin or Ethereum on Twitter now returns a price chart powered by Robinhood.

    More Than 100 Bitcoin Tied to QuadrigaCX Wake Up After 3-year Hibernation - More than 100 Bitcoin tied to the defunct Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX were moved out of cold wallets over the weekend.

    Bitcoin Whales Sell 280,000 BTC in Just 30 Days - Bitcoin whales, the largest holders of Bitcoin in the market, have sold the most Bitcoin ever recorded on a 30-day basis.

    Bitcoin Could Fall 70% to $5,000 in 2023 - Bitcoin could drop to $5,000, a 70% plunge from its current price of $17,000, according to a report entitled “The financial-market surprises of 2023” by Standard Chartered.

    Coinbase Stock (COIN) Hits All-time Low, Bitcoin Touches New Low in 2022 - Coinbase stock and Bitcoin both hit record low as the crypto market was reeling due to the FTX collapse.

    Who Sold The Most BTC After FTX Collapse?

    The quick collapse of one of the largest crypto exchanges has impacted significantly on investors’ sentiment. As confidence is shaken, and selling pressure is strong, who are the biggest sellers right now, long-term or short-term Bitcoin holders?

    China Becomes Silent Crypto Whale As It Holds Large Amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum - Despite its ban on cryptocurrencies, China has unknowingly become a silent crypto whale and can even drag the crypto market down in seconds if it wants to.