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    Binance Faces Further Regulatory Action, Possible Scrutiny in Brazil

    As a witness, Guilherme Haddad Nazar, the general director of Binance brokerage in Brazil, has been summoned by the Brazilian regulator, the CPI.

    US Inflation Cools Off in October, Bitcoin Recover Slightly - The US inflation rate has eased to 7.7% in October, lower than last month and also lower than economists expected.

    Bitcoin Plunges to $18,200, Ethereum Falls to $1,190 After US CPI Report - As predicted, the crypto market plummeted after the Fed announced the CPI in September.

    What Is CPI? How Does CPI Affect Crypto Market? - Bitcoin’s price often fluctuates sharply each time the US releases the CPI.

    Three Biggest Crypto Events This Week

    This week could mark the most volatility in the crypto space with the 3 biggest events to occur in the next few days.