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    What Notable Crypto Events to Watch Out For in September?

    Dive into the thrilling world of cryptocurrencies with our September lineup. We've curated captivating events filled with innovations, discussions, and opportunities. Don't miss this extraordinary journey!

    Cardano (ADA) Defies Crypto Market Turbulence with Explosive On-chain Growth

    While Cardano's native token has witnessed a temporary decline in value, with a price drop of approximately 17% in the past month, the on-chain activity has defied all expectations during this very same period.

    Reports: Over 15 Crypto Projects Avoid Major Vulnerability

    Fireblocks found a vulnerability called BitForge that affected the multi-party computation (MPC) protocol of crypto platforms like Binance and Coinbase.

    Top Crypto to Watch in the Upcoming Weeks: Ripple (XRP) Takes the Spotlight

    Over the past week, the price of Ripple (XRP) has remained steady between $0.47 - $0.49. Despite the media's reduced attention towards XRP, the network's underlying economic activity has strengthened. Could this be a sign of a potential price surge for XRP in the upcoming week?

    Because of Silvergate, Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Dyed Red Again

    Bitcoin and many top altcoins continue to plunge on the latest news of Silvergate bank. (CRO) Is Up 45% Despite Negative News (CRO) broke the descending resistance line despite bearish news.

    Crypto Billionaires Reportedly Lost $116B in 2022 - Crypto crashes in 2022 have wiped $116 billion out of the wallets of founders and investors, according to a Forbes’s report.

    Binance Withdrawals Spikes In Last 24 Hours - Binance’s net outflows touched $902 million in the last 24 hours, according to Nansen.

    Crypto Winter Is the Reason for Googe’s Revenue Decline

    Google is not the only victim of the crypto market slump.