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    Do Kwon Hiding Out in Serbia, South Korea Asked Serbian Government to Cooperate - Terra founder Do Kwon is believed to be in Serbia, South Korea is in the process of requesting cooperation from the Serbian government.

    Do Kwon To Lose His Passport If Does Not Return South Korea - The South Korean government has given Do Kwon 14 days to return to the country, otherwise his passport will be revoked.

    Do Kwon Transfers 3,313 Bitcoin to Digital Wallets Right After Arrest Warrant Issued - More than 3,000 Bitcoin was transferred to digital wallets of crypto exchanges right after an arrest warrant was issued.

    Do Kwon Says He’s “Making No Effort to Hide”, LUNC and LUNA Skyrockets - “I’m writing code in my living room. I’m making zero effort to hide”, said Do Kwon.

    Korea Asks Interpol to Issue Red Notice for Do Kwon - Where is Do Kwon now? - No one knows.

    South Korea Issues Arrest Warrant for Do Kwon - A court in South Korea issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon, CEO of Terraform Labs, the company behind the Terra USD (UST) and Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrencies.

    Binance.US Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Misleading Investors about Terra - A class action lawsuit against the exchange Binance.US related to the collapse of Terra occurred unexpectedly earlier this week.

    Anchor Dev Revealed Truth Behind Terra Collapse - As revealed by an Anchor dev, Terra arbitrarily changed the UST interest rate from 3.6% to 20% right before launch to attract investors.

    Terra’s Mirror Protocol Suffers New Exploit, Threatening to Drain Liquidity

    Besides Anchor Protocol, the Mirror Protocol is the next project to have oracle issues after the launch of Terra 2.0.