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    Ethereum (ETH) Crosses $1,900 Ahead of Shanghai Upgrade - The second largest cryptocurrency in the world - Ethereum (ETH) - had a significant increase in price ahead of the Shanghai upgrade.

    Bitcoin Bounces Back Above $28,000 Amid Market Recovery

    Along with US stocks rallying, Bitcoin held above $28,000 as fears about the banking system faded.

    Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade Will Officially Launch on April 12

    The much-anticipated Shanghai upgrade of Ethereum has set a rollout date for April 12.

    Because of Silvergate, Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Dyed Red Again

    Bitcoin and many top altcoins continue to plunge on the latest news of Silvergate bank.

    Total Crypto Capitalization Lost $50 Billion Due to Silvergate Bank Crisis

    On March 3, the cryptocurrency market dyed red with the plunge of major coins. The reason is supposedly related to negative news of Silvergate Bank.

    Binance: Only 31% of Staked ETH Are Currently Profitable

    A recent analysis from Binance Research found that a notable handful of ETH holders who have staked their ETH in Ethereum's Beacon Chain over the past three years are profitable, while the rest are losing money.

    Bitcoin Jumps to $24,300, Sets New High in 2023

    After a period of being heavily impacted by negative news, the world's biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is having an impressive recovery of more than 8%.

    Bitcoin Surpasses the $24,200 Mark as Federal Reserve Slows Rate Hikes

    Bitcoin has returned to its highest value since August 2022 after the Fed announced a rate hike of 0.25%.

    Ethereum to Launch A Testnet for Staked ETH Withdrawals

    For the Shanghai hard fork in March, Ethereum developers are about to deploy a testnet that simulates ETH withdrawals.