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    Crypto Researcher: Investors Should Buy ETH Instead of BTC - Analysts are suggesting a high possibility of the SEC approving an Ether futures-based ETH as soon as October.

    Someone Locks Up $100,000 Worth of ETH for … 100 Years

    According to a post in the 4chan forum, while trying to run some tests to create a token called TEST on the Ethereum testnet,...

    Ethereum 8th Anniversary: Achievements and Future Outlook

    Today is the 8th anniversary of the launch of Ethereum's Mainnet, which occurred on July 30, 2015. Let’s look back and predict what the next 8 years will bring for Ethereum.

    Q2 2023: Stablecoin Decline as ETH Staking, Layer-2s See Major Growth

    Bitcoin and Ethereum's dominance grows, stablecoin market cap declines, and Ethereum's Shapella upgrade fuels growth impact.

    Ethereum Whale Moves $116M in ETH After 8 Years of Dormancy - An Ethereum wallet has woken up after 8 years of dormancy.

    CME Group to Launch ETH to BTC Ratio Futures

    Pending regulatory review, the planned commencement date for these futures contracts is slated for July 31.

    Bloomberg Analyst Identifies Key Factors for Ethereum to Surpass $2000

    Senior Macro Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, suggests that Ethereum (ETH) is currently unable to surpass the $2,000 price level following a failed attempt to do so during the recent stock rally.

    Vitalik Buterin Cautions Against Expanding Ethereum Consensus Beyond Core Functions

    Recently, Vitalik Buterin posted against "overloading Ethereum's social consensus" and suggested potential solutions while also warning against certain methods.

    Someone Paid 64 ETH in Gas Fees for Single Transaction - The Ethereum blockchain is giving traders great concerns as gas fees continue to soar.