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    Ethereum Price Under Pressure as $400 Million of Open Interest Gets Wiped Out - In a single day, Ethereum witnessed a significant loss of $400 million in open interest, following the recent $600 million decrease in the last few days. This sudden occurrence has resulted in increased selling pressure.

    Chinese Tech Giant Plans to Sell $100M in Bitcoin and Ethereum - Chinese tech giant Meitu decided to divest its entire crypto portfolio worth hundreds of millions of dollars due to losses.

    Standard Chartered Bank: Ethereum Could Reach $8,000 By 2026 - Ethereum has the potential to hit $8,000 by the end of 2026, Standard Chartered Bank said.

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Shows Stark Contrast in Their Behavior - While Bitcoin whales are constantly accumulating, Ethereum whales are in a massive downtrend.

    Ethereum Foundation Sold $2.76M in ETH - 1,700 ETH was just sold by Ethereum Foundation as the network is showing signs of inflation due to the decline in activity.

    Digital Asset Recap Q3 2023: Bitcoin and Ether Outperform Market as Regulations and ETFs Shape the Landscape - Todd Groth, Head of Research at CoinDesk Indices, reported an 11% decline in the overall CoinDesk Market Index. This decline was mainly driven by a significant divergence between major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, and other digital asset protocols and projects.

    3 Reasons Why Ether Cannot Surpass $2,000 Threshold - Despite a significant recovery in 2023, Ether still cannot break the $2,000 threshold.

    Bloomberg Analyst: These 2 Blockchains Dominated Fees in the Past 12 Months - According to Bloomberg's crypto analyst Jamie Coutts, two blockchains have emerged as frontrunners in smart contract and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. They have dominated transaction fees in the past year, leaving their competition behind.

    ETH Recovers to Highest Level Since Mid-September As VanEck To Launch Ethereum Futures ETF - As analysts predicted, VanEck announced the launch of Ethereum Strategy ETF (EFUT), an Ethereum Futures ETF designed to seek capital appreciation by investing in Ether futures contracts.